May 7, 2014

Where can I recycle used motor oil?

Is there any place to recycle used motor oil, and if so, is there a fee or cost to do so? Davey in Perkins

Erie County solid waste district coordinator Lisa Beursken said the next opportunity in Erie County for county residents to drop off motor oil and other reusable products at no cost happens on June 28 at the Erie County landfill on Hoover Road. People, however, must sign up by June 19 to do this.

A Household Hazardous Waste collection occurs at the landfill on the last Saturday of the month from June through October. People should reserve a spot at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled collection.

You can sign up or look for more information by clicking here or emailing Beursken at

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You can take used oil to Advance Auto Parts. They will take 4 or 5 gallons (I can't remember) a week from individuals.


I believe Walmart will also take used oil - only a certain amount, but you can call & ask for sure.

Licorice Schtick

Not the best advice. Many stores that sell accept spent oil for free. Wal-Mart does. Why burden the county with the cost? The collection scheme at the landfill is inadequate and overwhelmed by residents' need to dispose of old paint and other household toxic waste. They require preregistration over week in advance to eliminate overwhelming crowds by reducing demand for the inadequate service through inconvenience. So where does the rest of the stuff go? If you do manage to remember to register on time, be prepared for long lines, anyway.


I agree, HORRIBLE advice. If Beursken had taken an extra minute, he could have checked Advance Auto Parts or Auto Zone.

Also, stores do not have to accept it for free. Ford dealers change my oil and I am charged a disposal fee.

Licorice Schtick

It's not Beursken's fault. She accurately reported what Erie County could do. Lazy sloppy reporting. One phone call and off to press. No real research. Not the first time. Advice columnist have a lot of responsibility and can do a lot of damage when they get it wrong.


Erie County has an excellent page on oil recycling, with a long list of registered recycling centers.



You might also consider bringing to J&J Auto (call to see if he's still accepting it, though).

Stop It

Some use used old oil for heat in the winter. It may not be the most 'green' method out there, but it sure beats dumping it in/on the ground.


I used to work at advance. Not sure how the mailbag didn't know this info. It's pretty common knowledge.


You may also take your used motor oil to AutoZone for recycling!


Griff's Engines at 710 Erie Street in Sandusky accepts it as well.


I was driving behind a City Cop today on McCartney Road, the speed limit is 25mph, I was going the speed limit, but the police cruiser was not, he was going at least 35mph or maybe more. I was still behind him on Venice Rd which is 35mph, but he was going faster than that. My question is
don't cops have to follow speed limits?


Sounds like a good question to send to the SR Mailbag.


The short answer is "no." The law says emergency vehicles have to drive with "due regard."

I get tired of stupid questions like this. Nobody complains if a fire engine or EMS vehicle exceeds the speed limit with no light or sirens. When its a cop, the world ends. Or if a cop turns on his lights, goes through a red light and shuts them off. You dont know if he is responding to a call where a siren might be a give away or if he just needs to get to his destination faster but a light and siren is not necessary.

Dwight K.

Oh I can't just dump in down the drain?


A few years ago I was washing my car at the carwash across from Kroger. I walked around to the front for change, and there were 2 guys in the end wash bay, changing their oil. Problem is they were draining the oil directly into the drain of the carwash.


Police need to follow all traffic control devices unless both the lights and siren are on.


I was behind a Sandusky cruiser today. We were both on Remington turning left onto Cleveland rd. The officer driving the cruiser, DID NOT use their turn signal, and almost caused an accident. I understand them going over the speed limit without having its lights and/or siren going, while enroute to a call, i/e sneaking up on a criminal etc. But the turn signal thing is just laziness, or them feeling "above" the law

God Of Thunder

Really????? Used motor oil turned into people whining because they think police officers don't drive legally??? Jesus people, get a grip

Kobayashi Maru

Just light it on fire in a barrel. Add a couple of beers for a fun nighttime activity!