May 5, 2014

Did Erie MetroParks want to purchase former Griffing property?

I heard something about Erie MetroParks wanted to buy land where the Griffing family used to operate an airport on Cleveland Road. Is that true? Anonymous emailer

In short, no, it's not true.

Erie MetroParks commissioner Kurt Landefeld provided the following response:

The Griffing Airport property is still owned by the family.

I'm not familiar with the terms of the Edison Woods acquisition, so I can't comment on that. 

While I've been commissioner since fall 2007, no park monies (derived mostly from local property taxes) have been used to buy land.

In 2010 we passed a resolution that stated explicitly we would not buy land with levy monies. This was done to alleviate concerns expressed by this writer.

Acreage that has been added to the park district while I've been commissioner was first purchased by a third party and then deeded to the park district at no cost.

Generally speaking, we are interested only in adding to the park district land that is environmentally sensitive and needs protection such as those along East Sandusky Bay.  

I share the writer's concern about removing potentially developable land from the tax base.  

But the writer might also be interested in knowing that the sports tournaments and special events we hosted last year added more than $3 million to Erie County's economy. This year, we expect that number to grow to more than $4 million.

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Darwin's choice

Sure, why buy land when they can just "take" it???

How long before the "greenway" farce is paid back? With the taxpayers money?


They can't just "take it," and the questions make no sense.


they can sure try. ask the greenway people..

Licorice Schtick

Not an impartial source of information.


so, the metroparks didn't try to take their land? they have first hand experience. these are the people i would ask since the metroparks and their supporters would like to sweep the facts under the rug before asking for money..


The East Sandusky Bay Preserve was created with property the owners wanted The People, through the Park District, to have. Too bad there aren't more such public-spirited, forward-thinking citizens in the world.

If the airport closes some day, that part of the property that fronts the Bay would make a terrifiic addition to the Preserve and help protect water quality, but ugly politics of park-haters would make it difficult.

Stop It

And being factitious is supposed to leave a good taste in one's mouth?


Can you at least make your personal attacks make sense?

Darwin's choice

So,what do you consider the land grab by metroparks (the greenway theft) to be? Take off your blinders!

What makes no sense is the MILLIONS spent defending the morons who started the project, and the morons who continued it!!!

Some cases are STILL not resolved!!

Tree huggers like you are pathetic!

From the Grave

I know, right? Who needs trees anyway! They just provide us with shade, and oxygen, and in some cases, fruits and nuts. All I need is a smooth road and a side of beef and I'm happy!


Notice that the answer carefully avoids saying anything that could be constued as actually claiming not to want to buy the airport.