May 1, 2014

How can I get someone to fill in a pothole?

Can you please give a contact number to address the pot holes in the streets. Especially the residential areas. East Parish off Cleveland Road is terrible. Theresa via email

Many residents have prevoiusly asked the Mailbag about fixing potholes. 

For this specific pothole in Sandusky, you can contact the city's street department at 419-627-5881 or email to report a pothole. Officials have an obligation to quickly fill in a pothole once notified of its location.

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AJ Oliver

I "drove" Caldwell St. by the post office this morning. It's about the worst road I have ever seen in a developed country - big, big, deep, deep holes.

Good 2 B Me

I was just over there the other are not kidding! It is pretty bad!