Apr 29, 2014

What happened to dog in recent animal cruelty case?

Was the puppy removed from this home? Kim via Facebook

Kim's referencing a story the Register published earlier this month in which a Rocky Ridge man was charged with animal cruelty.

As of a couple days ago, all the dogs — including the pooch that sustained serious injuries but did not die — remain at this home for the time being while the case remains under investigation, according to an Ottawa County humane officer.

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WHAT??? You are kidding, right? The man was charged with animal cruelty, which reading the article and your answer "sustained serious injuries" and the poor animals were left behind? Really?? Makes me wonder what they are doing to the animals as we read this, better yet, if it were a child, would they leave the child behind while there was an investigation??? SMDH


The humane society of Ottawa county is awful! They didn't do anything about a cat that got out and the owner was looking for him and found a couple kids that admitted to shooting him with a pistol crossbow! The cat had an arrow through both front legs and chest! He survived and the kids nor the adult who let the 13&14 yr old kids go out after 11pm with a crossbow got any kind of punishment. The vet bill was well over 2000$. Their logic is awful!


Not a good future for these dogs, the idiot that slammed the puppy is probably at that home also. Buggers78, the cat's owners should have taken those kids & parents to small claims court, soooo wrong.


underneath all this the frightening thing is these are children torturing animals! what future is there in a world where there are so many human beings hurting children and animals with no remorse. how sad for us all.