Apr 28, 2014

If I smell 'weed,' can I report it?

I live in an apartment building where I suspect my neighbors of smoking marijuana. The smell comes out into the hallway and has made its way into other apartments. The landlord is out of town. Do I have enough cause or reason to contact the police department? Jon from downtown Sandusky

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech provided the following response:

Yes, please contact our dispatcher (419-627-5863) so that an officer can come out and check into this. You and the other tenants shouldn't have to deal with this behavior. We will certainly respond and take appropriate action if warranted.  You can call this in anonymously if you choose.

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sandtown born a...

Wow another victimless crime that shouldn't have recourses wasted on

da wind

Smoking pot can effect ones speeling

sandtown born a...

Correct away

da wind

RESOURCES! Come'on santown jus mess'n witcha


Little boxes on the hill side

From the Grave

Maybe it's not weed. Maybe they just have a pet skunk, or drink a lot of old Heineken.




Is this activity harming you or anyone other than the person doing the smoking? If not, then why worry about it?


If it's so harmless would you blow it into the face of an infant or toddler ? If you can smell it in anothers apartment , children may also be breathing it .

Peninsula Pundit

I wonder if this blue nose would call the cops for the smell of tobacco?
That also harms children, yada-yada-yada.


Nice of you to finally show up after the parties over PP . Just roll out of bed ?

Peninsula Pundit

No, I roll IN bed!
Hey, out here in Wyoming, I'm 2 hours later than the rest of y'all.
Gimme a break.
With the hours I'm working and the relative unimportance of posting on the SR's website, I'll do as I please.
But thanks for the concern.

Peninsula Pundit

And late as I am, you still didn't answer my honest query.
You must smoke in the house with your grandkids there.
You probably blow it in their sweet, upturned faces.


Don't smoke , filthy habit .


Many many ways to consume the healing benefits of Cannabis.Smoking is just one of those avenues administering the dosage.
Take a look at the cancer work being done here;


Like the people who smoke buuts or the garbage burners next door?


Potheads, break the psychological addiction before your life goes up in smoke.

SemperFi 1775

Spoken from your mountain top!


just ignore mr. phelps..

Peninsula Pundit

Think just couldn't handle it, so figures no one else should, either.


^^assumer^^ But I wouldn’t expect anything more from the fried brain of a pothead stoner…

Peninsula Pundit

Hoo Boy!
Hit a raw nerve there,eh?
Truly the kettle calling the pot black.


@Thinkagain: "assumer"

Kettle to pot. Color check. Over.

What a piece of work.


So I should have to smell drugs that I don't do in my apartment because of neighbors that don't care about anyone else?

Stop It

Maybe they don't like smelling your febreze or your colonge or perfume either, and they are just trying to cover it up?


I agree. Reporting it is akin to being a tattletale and there are plenty of things about you as a neighbor others might not like either. The pot isn't harming anyone or any children. If you report them to the police, there could be repercussions and you might have to move. I think if you don't like it, you should move anyway. Buy or rent a house.

Licorice Schtick

If you can smell it, you're breathing it.

The plague of lawlessness starts with little things. Lawbreakers deride the "snitch" because they want to be in charge, not the law.

Take your life back. Take your neighborhood back. Be the snitch.

SemperFi 1775

How do you know their Mother didn't just die? How do you know if your neighbor didn't just return from war and pot helps him sleep? Do the adult thing, and do what you will HAVE TO DEAL WITH IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE and be a human, maybe find the means to handle situations on your own.


Yeah , Go buy a gun and handle the situation yourself , because you have every right to protect yourself and your family from this criminal . Let the bullets fly and then let God handle the rest . ( sarcasm )

SemperFi 1775

Pure ignorance. If you would take the time to read my comment from a view point other than yours, you would see the overwhelming "be a big boy" theme throughout. Clearly no weapons. No "stoner rambling" wake up because as much as you don't want this to come to ohio, there are 5 more people that are looking at you like the racist clowns from generations before and their votes are just as impact full as yours!