Apr 23, 2014

What's up with the traffic lights at Ohio 2 and Ohio 101?

There are three traffic lights at Ohio 101 and Ohio 2. One goes into the gas station area and the other two are at the exit ramps for Ohio 2 getting onto Ohio 101. Back when we had all the really bad snow, the southern-most light got switched from a "tripped" light to one that cycles through on its own. Are they ever going to change it back like it was before? Becca in Castalia

Christine Myers, an Ohio Department of Transportation spokeswoman, provided the following answer:

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. It was discovered by our traffic crew, responsible for repairing and maintaining our existing traffic signals and signs, that a loop detector at this signal (the sensor that activates the signal located under the stop bar) is malfunctioning. Repairs to this signal are being scheduled. We appreciate the notification about the condition of this signal.

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