Apr 22, 2014

Where can I donate used books?

I have a lot of old books like textbooks and children's books. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them without throwing them in the dumpster? Don from Erie County
Nearly every public library has a "Friends of the Library" volunteer support group, and almost all such groups host used book sales to raise money for the library. Call the nearest public library and ask how to donate your used books to the friends. If the library can't help you, call the next-closest library. You shouldn't have to make more than one or two calls.
Goodwill Industries also accepts used book donations and sells the books in its stores.
When you donate used books to a charitable group (or donate old clothes, or anything else), always ask for a receipt. Charitable donations often can be listed as a deduction on your federal income tax return.


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Dwight K.


Licorice Schtick

Good advice. Then, when you go to donate, you can buy some more.

dorothy gale

Try nursing homes and the jail, too.


Nope.... Public libraries are very particular. When I moved from Norwalk to Sandusky, I asked Norwalk public library if I could donate our books. They said absolutely NOT because they were novels for adult readers and they had no need for extra books.


I went walking last week and saw that someone had built a small box on their steps and had put their old books in it with a sign saying please help yourself and that there is no beef in returning any books taken. No titles caught my eye. Or try to sell them to amazon. Use credit to buy a new title.


No "need" not "beef" lol WHERES THE BEEF?


The Sandusky Register just ran a story about the Murray's opening a Little Free Library on Washington Row. They were asking for the community to donate books and volunteer.



books for soldiers is where I send mine