Apr 21, 2014

What happened to OVH geese?

How did OVH get rid of their geese problem? Harrison in Sandusky

We actually answered this question a few months ago.

In short, home officials said they used humane ways to "scare" the geese off their grounds. Problems with geese persisted at the home for years.

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There was of course the strange virus that killed many of the geese also.


So they 'scared' the geese off and they never came back? I find that hard to believe.

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Ask Cedar Point what they're doing about their bird problem.


Alka Seltzer? LOL

Stop It

Put up more windmills. I heard they are great bird killers.


Please tell me what HUMANE scare tactic kills over 50 ducks and geese?! Has everyone forgotten the story when the ducks and geese were all found dead on the premises? The story went viral, google it!





They have problems with the geese for years and then one morning they are 50 ducks and geese laying there dead.



12 gauge is a great deterrent.