Apr 18, 2014

What are those stakes near PHS?

My neighbor across the street told me that some guys were out on the lot across the street from us at Perkins High School and put up survey stakes. Do you know what they're for? Deb on Campbell Street

Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner provided the following response:

The township has requested the school district address concerns they have with water lines from the township into school district buildings.

Township officials have asked the school district to install back flow preventers on all incoming water lines into our school district. These stakes are meant to help locate the incoming water lines so they can be dug up, back flow preventer (be) installed and then re-graded.

This will ensure the safety of the overall township water supply, should there ever be a problem at one or more of our school buildings.This work will take place at all district facilities sometime over the next couple of years.

Total cost is expected to be over $70,000.

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Come on people, where is the rage?
When you went to this school on 1955, the water system was fine then. Why all this un-needed moderization?


Some regulators just have to justify their jobs. Just another step toward a perfect world.


The County is making EVERY commercial and public structure come up to state standards and install back flow preventers, this is NOT just for the school as Mr Gunner might make it sound. They may have to update there main water line, that could be extra.