Apr 14, 2014

What happened to missing Sandusky woman?

I remember a woman went missing a while back. Do you know what happened to here? Connie in Sandusky

A Sandusky woman who was reported missing in late February was found a few days later in Cleveland, police said. 

Michelle Pilkenton, 44, went to Walmart on Feb. 19 to cash her tax return check and never returned home, according to a Sandusky police report. 

Pilkenton's mother reported her missing five days later and Sandusky police began trying to track her down.

Pilkenton was located safe and sound a few days later at a Cleveland casino, Sandusky police Lt. Richard Braun said. 

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Bet her tax return check was gone !! LOL


Casinos are truly sad places. What I mean is: go into one and carefully observe the faces of everyone who is actively gambling.
If you can find just one smile in the crowd, you will be lucky.
Contrast that to the advertising of young beautiful people smilin' and gamblin' Advertising is mostly a lie and it teaches us that lying is ok. Casinos are a lie enveloped within an illusion.
Guarantee the tax return check not intact enough to even buy her a pack of butts.
A gambler never makes the same mistake twice. It's usually three or more times.