Apr 11, 2014

What's being built on U.S. 250 near Meijer?

What kind of construction work is occurring on U.S. 250 near Party Place? Jeff via email

The work going on is a Hoty project.

Corporate counsel Kula Hoty Lynch provided the following response:

We are constructing a new 15,000-square-foot shopping center. I know, people will think "another shopping center?  But, over the past year or so, we have been down to almost no vacancy at our various plazas or such small vacancies that we cannot fit larger tenants.

While I cannot yet disclose the tenants, the center is 75 percent pre-leased.  Two of the tenants are new to the area (and) the third is being relocated due to the ODOT takings on U.S. 250. We plan to be finished with construction in late summer.

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so for once it wont sit empty for years?


"Almost no vacancy at our various plazas" , but there ARE a lot of vacancies at other plazas. There are so many empty buildings and store fronts. I wonder how long the plaza will stay leased?


Where are the other vacancies? Most of the properties on 250 are full.


Aren't there quite a few empty store fronts in the Lowes/Walmart plaza?

Licorice Schtick

Not the developers' fault. Messed-up tax laws effectively subsidize new commercial space we don't need, transforming perfectly good locations into empty crumbling blight. Tax laws and other corrupt government policies favor new construction over fixing old, when it should do the opposite.

There are empty old WalMarts everywhere. http://www.google.com/search?q=a...


Mr. Hero coming to the old Verizon space in front of Meijer. Can't wait for a Romanburger!


ME too!!!!

kimi43464's picture

Waffle fries and philly cheese steak!!!!


YES! Those too!

local man

The Hoty's fill most of their buildings - you can not hold them accountable for other properties not related to their business i.e. Walmart & BW3 plaza's - idiotic comments


Sure hope that while they are working on Rt 250 they include turn lights for left turns into businesses on the west side of Rt 250 when driving north. Lights are already there for left turn lanes going south but not going north.