Apr 8, 2014

What's up with the old Cool Waves building?

Do you have any idea what 1934 Cleveland Road, the former souvenir shop across from the Rain water park complex adjacent to the causeway, is being transformed into? Adam on 46th Street
Almost two years ago, Cedar Fair executives purchased the 13.8-acre property for $735,000 to relocate their maintenance operations there. 
Part of the reason for relocating maintenance operations outside the park's territorial jurisdiction revolves around executives seeking to create a greater presence in the community, including the main corridor leading into Cedar Point.
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The Bizness

Your response is wrong, you are talking about a different property.

Just type in the address into a search engine, and you can see that.


The Cool Waves Property would be less than an Acre... It is the old McDonald's property.

From the Grave

Maybe there is a McDonald's going in there.

red white and blue

Its going to be a sushi restaurant kind of like Nagoya


Talk about LAZY. It's articles/responses like this that bring down the Sandusky Register. No one was called in regards to this question. They "S.R." THOUGHT they knew the answer, so instead of looking into and gathering facts, they simply copied and pasted an answer about a totally different property. Lets see if they admit to and correct the FALSE information, in which they just "winged it". I sure hope they do the right thing.


Oops... we forgot about Google! Duh.. its now the cedar point world headquarters fir da ride maintenance.


Two days and no corrections.