Apr 7, 2014

What are those flashing red lights in the lake?

I see these red lights all lined up several miles out onto the water. It's not a boat. Do you know what they are? Joy in Huron

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth, who figured out the answer by coordinating with U.S. Coast Guard officials, said there are windmills on the Canadian border that have red flashing lights on them.

On a clear night, people can see them in the distance.

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Stop It

heh....they're bird killers.


Stop It, yeah! They are all the "Birdmatic 6000" series.

Pterocarya frax...

Can't you guys even get the talking points right? They are called bird choppers!


I thought it was BirdBlenders?

Dinghy Gal

Taste like chicken?

Everyone is fam...

I was hoping it was the mothership waiting for all the dirtbags to board.

Erie Countian

The "Canadian border" is in the middle of Lake Erie. The windmills are on the Canadian mainland, in Essex County, Ontario, I believe.


Ummm hello cedar point is turning all their lights on. We can see the reflection


On a serious note....doesn't Canada have the same birds we do? Like Bald Eagles and the other birds that frequent the shoreline. Wouldn't they be killing all the migratory birds with their "BirdBlenders"? Where is the outrage? Maybe Canadians are smart enough to figure out that the birds are smart enough NOT to fly into the blenders? Are Canadian Birds different than American Birds?

Stop It

Canadian birds are more pacifistic than the same American species. They also enjoy trade with Cuba and a good many are Snowbirds. They go south because they can.:)

Stop It

Can birds see in color so they avoid the big fans? Red means "no fly zone"?