Mar 31, 2014

What type of work is occurring on U.S. 250?

There seems to be a lot of construction work on U.S. 250 near Strub Road. Do you know what's going on? Amy in Sandusky

Work to enhance the intersection of Milan Road (U.S. 250) and East Strub Road is underway. 

"The work that is going on is utility relocation for the intersection improvement project," state transportatio spokeswoman Christine Myers said. "This is a $1.6 million safety project to add turn lanes and improve signals at the intersection of U.S. 250 and Strub Road. Smith Paving and Excavating, Inc.  of Norwalk is the contractor on the project. This project will start in the next few months."

The project's seperate from but jibes with a $32 million enhancement project on U.S. 250 from Cleveland to East Bogart roads. This past summer, state transportation officials announced a $32 million enhancement construction project along U.S. 250.

Slated to begin in May 2015, the 4-mile-long project — spanning from U.S. 6 to East Bogart Road — aims to:

•Add sidewalks on both sides of the street.

•Create new turn lanes at busy intersections.

•Widen intersections and curbs.

•Make traffic signs more visible.

Work will occur at night, with at least one lane in each direction remaining open. 

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That intersection was tore up a couple years ago. There are left turn lanes, straight lanes and right turn lanes on both roads. What other direction are they going to turn??? If people would take their time, be patient, and pay attention, there wouldn't be problems. What a waste of money!


I have seen a few accidents at this intersection and while not the best, it is certainly not the worst.

There is no right turn to go west on Strub when going south on 250. And the Right Turn onto East Strub from North 250 is one cause of accidents, especially when there are turn lights for the left turns. Like they said though, it includes sidewalks and pedestrian crossings and better signal/signage too. And it benefits the entire tourist trap corridor.

Like you said, slow down and pay attention.


I forgot about no right turn lane going south on 250. But sure am glad that I'm not one of the property owners that are losing land because of this, especially when that property didn't come cheap.


And construction begins just in time for tourist season.......

Me thinks I'll be avoiding the area indefinitely.

There you go again

So glad they are adding sidewalks....but, for who?


they are also doing the intersection of perkins and 250. they made rainbow muffler sell to city


Why sell it to the city? Rainbow isn't even in the city.