Apr 2, 2014

What will happen to the Keller Building's water tower?

A while back, I remember reading that the fate of the Keller Building's water tower was up in the air. Do you know what's happening with this iconic marker? John in Sandusky

The Keller Building's water tower was dismantled and discarded largely in part because it was too cumbersome to preserve.

Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said it would have cost too much money to save the water tower. Instead, the crew is throwing the pieces out.

A majority of the building has come down, and all rubble is expected to be removed by May.

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It will be interesting to know if the contractor will get an extension if not done by June.


It's laying in the debris field to the west of where it stood. Looks like it was knocked down in that direction. Welders will cut it to pieces.


Why would that be interesting? Get out of your La-Z-Boy and drive by there. Aren't you the same person that said they weren't doing anything? You need to get out more.