Mar 26, 2014

What's going on inside old Cabana Jacks building?

I was downtown and noticed at 218 Columbus Ave., next to the old Cabana Jacks, there seems too be some kind of store opening up and idea what it is? Charlie on Fulton Street

We're not sure what that store is. It could definitely be associated with what's going on inside the former Cabana Jacks property.

The building that houses Cabana Jacks — the old Jupiter store and later Bourbon Street, was sold to Kha Bui. Bui, who used to help operate his family’s restaurant, Mekong, on Milan Road, is ready to set out on his own. He bought the building at 202 Columbus Ave. and plans to spend about six months remodeling before opening a new establishment called Small City Taphouse.

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Jen Powers

Thanks for the link.... At least someone at the register is on top giving accurate information.

Brick Hamland

There does not appear to be a transfer with the auditor, was the building actually sold or is he renting space? Either way I hope it works out and adds to the downtown market. Good luck


well thank goodness whom ever answered this is not an investigative reporter.... 218 Columbus Ave. Is in no way affiliated with Small City Tap House. The address is not even a part of the Old Cabana Jacks, as the title suggests. 218 is owned by Waldock Realty. The store in question is Divine Awakenings, it will be a New Age emporium and holistic healing arts center. From the looks of it, seems like an awesome addition to downtown!

From the Grave

Let's hope that Bui starts by renovating the restrooms...