Mar 21, 2014

When will the city clean up Wisteria Farms?

The property on Campbell Street is disgusting. Why isn't the city doing anything to clean up that property? Linda from Sandusky

Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci provided the following answer about the property:

The property is privately owned. The owner entered into an agreement with a demolition company last year to demo the building. The permit was good until the end of February 2014. The contractor of record was not able to finish the job within the time required by the permit.

Because a hazard remains, as determined by the building official, we must notify the owner of record.  That notification is being put together at this time.  Once it is ready, we will serve the owner the notice of violation and hazard. We are working with all parties to find a resolution. Please understand that this is private property and it is the owners responsibility to abate the hazard.

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Can you say "taxpayer funds"?


I smell a rat.....all the scrap steel was taken off property first......and wasn't the owner/contractor the same company named in a lawsuit connected to the whirlpool play park? I could be wrong. Check it out.