Mar 28, 2014

Where can I take my unused meds?

I want to do my part in trying to help others out: I was wondering what are some good places or organizations locally where i can take my unused prescription medication and donate my unused medical supplies? Jake in Huron

Serving Our Seniors executive director Sue Daugherty provided the following answer:

Unfortunately, the regulations that stipulate what patients can do with unopened, unexpired prescription medications forbid them from being donated to places that could make use of them.

You cannot donate them to Serving Our Seniors or The Drug Repository. 

It’s also illegal for a patient to give another patient their prescription medications. Doing so is dispensing prescription medications without a license.

Police departments have “take back” boxes. They want people to dispose of unwanted medications there. (See the attached flyer for the locations of  “take back” boxes.)  Don’t keep the drugs , of any kind, in your home if you are no longer taking them. 

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You only answered half of the question. I too have some unused unopened medical supplies. I had two surgeries this year and have some left over supplies (bandages, tape, gel infused sheets used for burns etc.) that were kind of expensive but I no longer need. Is there anywhere I can donate them?

Dwight K.

I guess it's better to answer questions that have been asked repeatedly, but yeah what about the other thing that was asked in the question?


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wow this is all a BIG LIE sr..i tried to get rid of my dads meds and none of these listed would..they said "DUMP DOWN THE TOLITE"

The Bizness


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Ralph J.

With my luck, I would be arrested for drugs in my vehicle while taking my deceased parents meds to be disposed. Who checks what drugs are turned in? How can a person be sure that the drugs will be destroyed and not end up as street drugs, especially the opiates?