Mar 10, 2014

How can I get the government to fix potholes?

I was just in the Columbus Park subdivision, and I couldn't help but notice the massive amount and size of all these potholes. After hitting about 20 of them, I began to wonder about the people who live there. What happens when someone is driving down the road and you hit a pothole and it bends your rim and flattens your tire? Who's liable? Don on U.S. 250

Whatever entity oversees the road — be it the state, county, city, township or village — is responsible for its maintenance.

Your best bet to get potholes patched up is to call whichever agency supervises the road. In your case, contact the Perkins Township highway department to inform them of the deficient roadway.

As reported in a recent Register story: "Street workers must quickly fix potholes when notified by community members of their whereabouts. If workers neglect these requests, then community members sustaining damage or injury from a previously reported pot hole can receive a reimbursement — or possibly sue the (government) — for their troubles."

If workers know about potholes, they have an obligation to fix them in a timely matter.

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One is expected to know that the possiblity of potholes exist anytime there is standing water. Call and report the issue and give them time to fix it. If they don't and you hit yet another one, you need to slow down before driving through any water.


Fix mean repair a problem with a public mean actually a government agency giving direct value for our tax dollars to the citizens.

Oh, I can see given the way government works they will need to appoint a study committee to fix that pothole. They will then need to see if at first the pothole actually exists and not just a figment of our imagination, then they will study the environment impact of patching it, then budget $$$ for it to be fixed and then go out for contracts bids to buy the patch to fix the hole, then it has to get on the list of projects for the year so road maintenace can go out and do the patch, etc..............Oh gosh fixing that pothole is at the minimum a good 3 -5 years off. If things go well they might even be able to get a grant from the Fed's to actually pave the entire road saying the road is falling apart and we can get an economic boast in the county if it is will attract new business to the area.

There that is the government way of fixing the pothole. Probably be further ahead to go to Mernards and buy the patch and fix it yourself but then if you did that and got caught they would probably arrest you and make you serve an elected term on the township Board.

The Bizness

Did you read the response, or are you just being a troll?


Do you really think you could sue the government level responsible for the pothole and actually win ? If so as the old saying goes their are folks who have swamp land in Florida to sell you as prime ocean real estate.

Stop It

That is true. A bent rim, flat tire and whole right side front suspension replaced at $2,575 later. You'd better have a good lawyer which will cost you the same anyway. There ain't no goin' after City Hall effectively. The hole I drove over was caused by them one day prior. They cut a strip perpendicular to the road and filled it with gravel. I had to go an extra block as my block was flooded after a real quick summer downpour. The water was so fast it washed the stone out...Three tries later, I gave up. You don't get a dime from any city for way, no how..


Oh my goodness "Stop IT." $2,575 that is not pocket change.....that's a bundle to come up with on the spur of moment for car repairs for something that was not your doing. AT least no one was hurt when you hit it.


misdirected anger. honest pothole fixers work hard and direct.
politicians you vote for year in and out are the ones ripping us off, not the pothole fixers.
someone threw a spanner they threw it in the hole.
apologize now i demand!


Where the government's concerned, particularly these potholes, you as well wish in one hand & $h¿t in the other. See which one fills faster . .

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it's 'in a timely manner' not matter. there are potholes all over. we had a rough winter and the snow isn't even gone yet. I imagine the 'government' will get around to it-maybe after you send in what you owe them.


So...if I put 4elevens (gravel that packs tight) in potholes could I be arrested? (Similar to the guy mowing tall grass)


Life is expen$ive. Get over it.


Yes, for sure. My neighbor found that out. He had both the Erie County Treasurer foreclosing for unpaid property taxes and Wells Fargo Bank foreclosing for unpaid house mortgage.

I don't think they were telling him as you suggested "Get over it" I think they were telling him "GET OUT" the house is being sold.