Mar 12, 2014

Does the area still have a salt shortage?

A while back, I remember reading how local engineering offices and street departments faced a salt shortage. Is that still occurring? James in Sandusky

Almost two months ago, the area's salt supply ran so low that some local officials seemed worried about having no salt to help de-ice roads.

But the supply has been replenished, according to Erie County officials.

Morton Salt executives apprarently obtained more salt to last the entire winter season.

"Although we experienced a dangerously low backup supply back in January, we have since been able to rebuild that, which we store as a buffer," Erie County engineer Jack Farschman said. "Although Morton did not fulfill their promise to have 1,000 tons available at their Sandusky storage facility that following Monday morning on Jan. 27, to their credit they were able to stay ahead of the curve in satisfying our requirements. In the end, that is all that mattered. A successful endeavor."

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