Feb 27, 2014

Do snow plow drivers realize they create hazards by piling snow high?

I am noticing a huge hazard with all this snow. Is it possible to make the mounds on the corners of driveways and intersections smaller? I notice some people trying to leave businesses and have their nose of their cars sticking out because they don't have X-ray vision to see through the massive mounds on the corners of their driveways. Is it possible to make them smaller? Katie via email

We tossed this question to both Erie County engineer Jack Farschman and Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein. 

Farschman provided a response but Klein answered by responding and also promising some sort of action.

Here's what they said:

• Farschman: As to the size of the mounding snow at driveways, I'm afraid as a practical matter there is nothing we can do with the resources we have to alleviate that. If such presents a problem to the individual homeowner or business, as the case may be, they should take whatever action they deem necessary to assure their own personal safety and/or that of their employees. Everyone simply needs to be aware of these periods of unusually large amounts of snow and drive as safely and responsibility as conditions permit/demand.

• Klein: Hopefully, the snow has melted enough where this is not a time-consuming and cumbersome process. We'll get someone on it immediately. 

Note: Klein copied his street foreman onto the email and asked him to drive around and knock down any hazards present.

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I would agree some of the snow piles are huge and make it very difficult to see when pulling from lots into traffic lanes on streets.

Will say one of the worst ones I saw was at the Sandusky Plaza right there by the H R Block office. The private snow plow company had been I think aware of difficulty in seeing traffic on Sycamore Line and keep the mounds of snow low BUT what happen ??????????? H. R. Block came out and stuck their advertising signs on top of the snow mounds and you could not see traffic on the street you were pulling into.

Guess everyone needs to advertise but I think on this one H.R. Block chose a bad place to put the signs.

nosey rosey

And just where are they supposed to put it? Snow piles are a part of winter and hazardous driving - deal with it.


agreed get a life and pay attention when you are driving and turn off the phone and radio complainers

he said she said

my gripe is this: I live on a corner lot and I clean the sidewalk to the street for the corner. I do that then here comes the plow and puts a 2-3 foot mound on the corner sidewalk that I just shoveled. Am I supposed to go behind the plow and shovel this again???? I think in cases like this, they should have those in the county jail out shoveling the corners where the plows cover them.


Thats part of shoveling snow. As I live on a busy highway i am constantly getting my driveway plowed in even though there is no driveway across from my house. Should they come out and clean that off again? No.


good thing you dont have a wide drive it happens to and then a mailbox across the road they do it to...so move to a condo or florida

Licorice Schtick

The piles are smaller in Palm Beach.


Ah yes indeed they are !


We'll have this taken care of within a month. 6 weeks tops. We promise!


I agree with he said she said. Have the Erie County jail men and women earn their keep and shovel. Oops, someone will slip and fall and sue the county...Never mind!

he said she said

I thought about that also. IMO, I think that they should do this and consider it 'community service' and should also have to sign a waiver that states in the event they get hurt, they cannot sue the city or county. In this type of 'community service' depending on how many hours they choose to do, would be credited to their sentence.


Katie this is Ohio.

East Side Friend

I notice that some parking lot entrances have the piles pushed back so their customers can exit safely. Others leave it right at the street. If your current snow plow guy thinks it is too much work to keep the part near the street safe for cars to exit suggest that next year you bid this out to someone who can.


I third the motion that inmates be put to work. They get three hots and a cot. Why not earn their keep, eh? Besides, if they're tired at night, they'll cause less trouble during the day!