Feb 21, 2014

Why are Xmas decorations in downtown Sandusky still up?

Do you know when the city will remove the Christmas decorations in Washington Park? Alyssa on First Street

Sandusky Greenhouse manager Tom Speir provided the following response:

The remaining Christmas decorations in the downtown business district and Washington Park will be removed as soon as the snow accumulation is at a manageable level.  

Although, substantial rainfall can also be an obstacle if the ground becomes too soft to support the heavy equipmentnecessary to lift the larger displays. Also, in terms of personnel, the same employees responsible for removing the decorations have been busy plowing snow.

We always plan to remove the decorations the week after New Years, but it is not uncommon for the weather to delay the process. Most of the mini lights in the trees have been removed, but the higher ones that require a bucket truck or an extension ladder remain.

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You're kidding , right? Wouldn't the weather itself, be enough of a reason, without having to write into the paper?




Because of weather its not rocket science!


If it bugs you I am sure the city of Sandusky would welcome your help!


Didn't someone get arrested the last time they tried to help (cutting grass in a park)the city with its maintenance issues?

Man of the Republic

They did get arrested, then they were elected to City Council. Welcome to Sandusky.


Well you have a point but this is not cutting grass :) I just can't believe someone asked that question, I was just trying to point out the ridicules by being ridicules.


I thought maybe it was a cost savings measure to save having to decorate next November. Just kidding ! LOL

God Of Thunder

A friend of mine and I were just joking about how stupid the mailbag questions have been lately. He jokingly said "Watch the next question be 'Why are the Christmas decorations still up downtown.'" Lo and behold, this stupid question pops up for real.

Really???? With the 6 feet of snow we've had on the ground and the sub zero temperatures??? I agree with bondgirl. If it bothers you this much, go and take them down yourself.


Same people who ask "what are cedar points hours" with out going online to their web site first.


The GRINCH lives in Sandusky and wants those Christmas decorations down NOW!

thinkagain's picture

Now that some of you have thoroughly ridiculed and belittled this author, time to move on to another article. There’s plenty more bullying to be done before your egos can feel superior.


All you do is ridicule and belittle those of us who comment also. So you are no better than the rest of us. Do you feel superior?

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Speak of the devil, right on cue sweetie.


Wouldn't want to disappoint you.

God Of Thunder

Yawn thinkagain... You bore me... If you don't like belittling, then don't read...


But common sense ! Wow


What makes me mad is that the Sandusky Register picked this question over the one I had asked which was, Dear Mailbag, could you PLEASE find out why the splash pad on Huron ave. hasn't been working for the last few months? Thanks in advance, Mrs. Miagi from Easy st.


Now there is one....turn it on and lets all go skating. LOL

God Of Thunder

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Like button!!!!

Julie R.

I'm sure glad Alyssa doesn't live by me. My lights didn't get taken down until last week!