Feb 20, 2014

What are blizzard bags?

I've been hearing about some of my friends' kids going home with blizzard bags. What is a blizzard bag? Kathleen in Perkins
The Register featured a story about the new educational trend this past Sunday. Click here to read the story.
The concept, in a nutshell: If teachers suspect a snow day is in the future, they send assignments home with students or post them online. Students complete the assigned classwork in two weeks and receive credit for attending a full day of class, for up to three total days. 
This helps schools avoid rescheduling missed class days — typically canceled because of bad winter weather — at the end of the school year. 
Any school in Ohio can sign up to use an "alternative makeup plan," which are commonly called "blizzard bags." Locally, more than half of districts plan to utilize an alternative plan this school year. Statewide, about one-third of districts are using one. 
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I find it odd that some of these people ask the Register for these answers rather than the "friends" that are mentioned?

Is it easier to send an email to the Register, instead of asking the person that said "My kid brought home a blizzard bag?" Or are these questions made up by the Register and presented as questions from a reader?

No real harm if it they are made up questions, in fact give the two different options I listed above, I would rather that be the scenario.


+1 I agree.

O Really

Maybe the individual asking the question wants to know the schools full intent & the results of the blizzard bags.
Unless these "friends" are school teachers or work for the school board...Maybe they dont know all the answers.

I could guess the jist of the blizzard bag concept but not the full usable purpose.

I find the question valid & the answer good. I have children that will attend school in the future.


I'd like to know how a few worksheets are supposed to take the place of a full day of learning with a teacher? I'm glad my children's district is actually going to make up the days! Kids are in school to learn, and all of these days we've missed are learning days for them!