Feb 19, 2014

Can you recall some of the area's older bars?

What are some of the old bars that used to be in Sandusky during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s? I have an elder neighbor that was trying to remember one on First Street that may have been an old gas station located before it was the former East Side Cafe. Also, if anyone could list any places and locations during this time period, that would be awesome. John in Castalia

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Jon Routh Stoplight Disco in the Cleveland Plaza
Connie Hartung The Barn on Perkins Ave. and the Vogue on Cleveland Rd.
Paul Matthews The Boat House on Tiffin Ave.
Tina Ballah Johnson The Village pump. 250
Dianne Westcott Brockleys Place. Cochrans,Triangle bar(owned by Harold family)
Connie Hartung The Country Tavern by the old Rock Shop on Milan Rd.
William Cheetham Jr. Cochran's corner of First St & Ontario, across from Rogers filling station which is now Pro Auto
Kim Notestine Cochrans with the frozen fish bowls.
Marcia Rotsinger Cochran's corner of First across from Roger's Fleetwing gas station
Sylvia Jane Garmon The Triangle on First Street.
June Haynes The Porterhouse, the Cellar Both downtown. The Note in Ruggles Beach. The Barn on Perkins ave
Connie Hartung The Porterhouse downtown on Water and Hancock.
Ida Mae Heiberger Cobb The Triangle on First Street.
Chris Hockenberry The Vogue Lounge Clev rd. across Thirsty Pony.
Deb Neese Voltz Ehrnsbergers, German Village, Sportsman's Lounge
Chris Hockenberry Used to be a bar where that Rose store is on Hayes Ave and Tyler. But can't remember name.
Robert Douglas Village rendezvous on 250
Chris Hockenberry Used to be one on curve by VICTORY kitchen going to train station.
Dale Didion Someplace else
Dale Didion The stone house
Dale Didion Lol that is when we had a lot of good ppl in Sandusky and hardly any fights now that all there is fights and we have only a few bars
Dale Didion Back then it was all dance bars
Victoria Gray Jacks was downtown where dalys is I can't remember the one next to it , country tavern on 250 the Place on Columbus ave Cronins also ice cream place now .
Kim Notestine what was the name of the bar on perkins ave where the orieles is the first one?? began with a P
Kim Notestine Aunt Pat aunt joan worked there
Kim Notestine little joe's on campbell st.
Rose Hush Miller Ev's Corner was next to where Victory Kichen is now!!! And the Impala Lounge where Orioles Club is now!!!
Rose Hush Miller It was Poons after the Impala..
Terry Burton I bought my 1st 3.2 percent beer at the log cabin bar in bay view at the foot of old bay bridge in 1976
Steve N Diane Dix Bud n Nolies next to Midas
Steve N Diane Dix The Vogue, Cleveland rd

The Keg Lounge, Cleveland rd

Dj's Barn, east Perkins
Steve N Diane Dix Superbowl, Sandusky plaza
Deborah Engelman Knoll Howard's Place on hayes and tyler.
Shane Ward Angelos in Sandusky mall, Club Avanti behind the mall. And Jams on Cleveland rd. Don't forget Mels down on Meigs st.
Deborah Engelman Knoll Jerrys bar on bogart and hayes
Deborah Engelman Knoll The Surf on clev and remington..became the fruit and nut
Deborah Engelman Knoll The Echo bar was next to the Jax bar on Col ave..where Dalys is now
Deborah Engelman Knoll Cue and Ale on camp and adams or jefferson.
Deborah Engelman Knoll Mel's is the Sail in..my dad..
Deborah Engelman Knoll Nel's was down by the policestation on meigs.
Sue Tuemler Boose This is going way back - Ma's Place was located next to The Boathouse on Tiffin Avenue.
Tondra K Frisby The Merschell House on N.Depot. Kamans on Perry and Reese
Robin Dwight Pratt Cochran's on the south west corner of First and Ontario. Built a house there in the 1980s. They had frosted fish bowls for beer and lemonade, great fried mushrooms, perch and burgers. They also had pool tables and a super player piano in the front bay window.
Robin Dwight Pratt The Keg was another and the Rathskeller in the basement of the Reiger Hotel were some of the gay bars as well.
Judy Armstrong Gerlach Wasn't there the Triangle Café?
Debbie Smith Chesser What was the name of the bar that used to be across from where Shoreline Park is now???
Deborah Engelman Knoll Triangle was on First St beyind East Side across the st.
Linda Propst Loms on Megis , Kamans Perry ,202 club (later Peppermint Club) and Club Tony on Water , hideaway , cozy corner on market ,the barn , the place are a few . My husband played drums in a band at many local night spots .
Susan Riedy The Beer Barrel
Frank Corder Cochrans on first st. best perch sandwiches
Mary Haar The Vogue Lounge, The Place, The Rathskeller( in the basement of Rieger Hotel)
Bil Haney Stone House on E Perkins Brownlees downtown
Sheila Morris-Winston Radio bar phats brandys village
Barbara Garrett Cochran's (on the corner of First and Ontario), The Triangle Bar (on the south side of First Street after Lewco's) and of course, the East Side Cafe.
Steve Thomas The Harbor Inn, on your way down to Jessie's and Findleys Corner and the Casino.
Cathy L. Stancil Zaneze bar, bogarts bar, Jacks by the newspaper place, cue-n-ale, bobs inn, old dutch, the rail, tom elliots bar,
Terry Stewart OMG I forgot all about Prterhouse, Barn, Vogue, abd German Village!
Tondra K Frisby Radio Inn Cleveland road!! Koolaids after hours market street!!!
Tondra K Frisby The HubClub!! downtown
Judith Riley The barn, gem beach, the note, the village, kamen's, Cochise at nickel beach

The twine house
Mary Haar there used to be a bar across the street from Pro Automotive called Cochrans Bar - some us called it Bake's. On the corner of First & Ontario St.
Barbara Garrett The Annex Bar on Columbus Avenue, The Shamrock on Warren Street
Jon Baaske Cochran's Tavern - Home of the frosted fishbowl, fresh Lake Erie Perch and Roast Beef Sandwiches. My family owned it in the 70s. Great memories!
Elaine Corbin echo bar athlecic club red and sallys wonder bar annex bar
Pamela Krawetzki Swanigan Triangle bar was on First street.
Jeanne Britt Ok, how many out there remember the Dew Drop Inn that "used" to be on Tiffin ave by Holy Angel's????
Lisa Brink Petersen Reflections in the sandusky plaza
Lisa Brink Petersen cue n ale!


Feel free to comment below on where you liked to visit or maybe some other spots nobody mentoined.

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The Belmont


Jacks and Echo corner or Water and Columbus Ave


What was the one across the street half way down from them on Columbus ?

shbamn1's picture

Nell's Bar on Meg St.


Rose store on Hayes was Howard's Bar. Tally Ho on Perkins Ave


ohio motor inn..lynn's café..cronins..town tavern..all on w. washigton st...danny's bar on meigs


Fanny Baer's, and Young's Tavern!


Didn't see "German Village" or "The Cellar" listed.

Out of town but popular:

"The Note" in Ruggles Beach

"Andy's" in Huron


German Village is listed above!


Saw it after I read the LONG list a third time and had already posted.

Seems to be a lot of duplication above, maybe you could help them out too deerturd.

Left Sandtown

My favorites,the 1st Beer Barrel-Radio Inn,and #1 Koolaids next to Old Greyhound Station.We can also give a shout out to the Hideaway by the Coal Docks!!!!!


800 Club on Jefferson St, Dew Drop Inn corner of Pearl & Tiffin, Otto at the Balcony corner of Tiffin/Washington & Camp, Joe's Place corner of W Monroe & Huron St, Renande's Restaurant corner of Campbell & Perkins, Hickory on Cleveland Rd where Mexican restaurant is now, Super Bowl at Sandusky Plaza, Jimmy's corner W Monroe & Pearl, and wasn't there one next to Kerber Marine Store corner W Monroe & Tiffin Ave?


Highway Lunch

Eph 2 8-10

Bud & Noles on West Perkins near Columbus.


Johnny Angels and Club Avanti


Jerrys corner of rt 4 and Bogart Rd.




The Corner.


Brownlee's on Water st.

4-wheeler al

Rutgers bar water street


Don't forget the old 7 Mile House on Route 4.

Mr. D

The Place. . . . the bar at Holiday Inn
Lauderdale in Bay View

Mr. D

Surf Lounge


Silver Dollar on Rt 20 outside Bellevue, Bill & Bugs ( B'vue), Foosie's (Norwalk) The Corner Bar at 113 & 4.
Cheers ( Willard)

Maple Trash .. er,.. Tree (Norwalk)

Roaring 20's on Rt 20 Clyde ( the Strip Club, now)

Shamrock and Old Horseshoe ( wait is that still there?) in Norwalk.

Johnny Angel's on Cleveland Road.


The Pilot House when it was part of the Showboat in Huron, Ohio.

Then the "rebirth" of the Pilot House at the end of Wall St. in Huron.

red white and blue

The blue room rt.4 the hideaway

From the Grave


From the Grave

Cabana Jacks...


Magillas on the corner of Remington/Cleveland rd.
Faces Sandusky Plaza
Faces Too on cleveland rd.
Evs corner by Victory kitchen on the corner of N. Depot/Hayes ave. is still there now known as Station House
Vickis on Adams st
Tommys on Jefferson now called Dog house
Poons which is now the Orioles prior to being Big O's
The Place on Columbus ave which then turned into Club Impii
IAB then Pub & Grub
Casino on Tiffin ave
Brass Pelican used to be downtown

Stop It

The Back Door Lounge behind what is now the Rodeway Inn on Rt. 6 just south of the Rt. 250 end. Very obscure place that is now turned back into rooms. It was almost directly across from the indoor pool.


WOW I worked at a few of those bars. I remember having to make a choice to work at FACES or computer programming....I made big money bartending never a choice!! I bought my own house and raised my kids on it....


is BRANDYS listed anywhere?


there used to be a bar called tony's on main street in huron. I remember reading somewhere, years ago, that erie county had more bars than churches, per capita, than any county in ohio. after reading the list, that sounds right to me. oh, and hillary's on main street where the main street tavern is now.


Ehrnsberger's tavern!
Corner of Lawrence and Adams st.

looking around

Ask Larry Noon, he probably worked in all of them!


Do you remember "Hillbilly Heaven" on Tiffin Ave?