Feb 14, 2014

Why isn't there public access on water by Ogontz Street?

Why is there no public access to the old railroad pier track running from Ogontz Street to behind the police station for fishing? Why haven't the waterfront watchdogs pursued this public access like all the other fishing spots? Dave on Lockwood Avenue

Sandusky resident Tim Schwanger, a waterfront watchdog fighting for public access, provided the following response:

The city purchased the property in question from the railroad in the mid-1970 for pedestrian/street use.

There have been several attempts by the Waterfront Watchdogs, predecessor to Save Our Shoreline Parks, to convince the city to incorporate this particular parcel into the Sandusky Bay Pathway (a bikepath running parellel to Sandusky Bay) as called for in the Sandusky Bay Pathway master plan.

Each time this issue is discussed, adjacent property owners complain, and the issue is dropped.

In the most recent attempt, the city had agreed to install a privacy fence with individual gates for adjacent property owners and a gazebo for their personal use. Property owners scoffed at the idea. Save Our Shoreline Parks has suggested an access point from the north by installing a lift bridge behind City Hall in the location of the old drawbridge over to the pier track. There are several bridge designs which will not interfere with boat traffic.

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So a few dozen property owners can keep thousands from using city property.That is just so wrong.I remember fishing there when I was a youngster and had many wonderful times.I guess the concerns of a few carrys more weight when you own a boathouse.They don't want the general public to screw up their view of their bay.

The Answer Person

"THOUSANDS"!!! What planet are you on? LOL!!!


I thought that there was also an issue about who the property rightfully belonged to.


City sold the property in 2003, ostensibly to facilitate redevelopment of the adjacent "box factory." The economy has not cooperated.

From Erie County Auditor website, http://erie.iviewtaxmaps.com/Map...
(Columns may not line up well, sorry)
Parcel 57-06009.001 (end of Ogontz)
Sale Date Sale Price Seller Buyer
8/25/2004 $40,000.00(1) GUERRA ANTHONY S & MA to OGONTZ REALTY LTD

Parcel 57-05975.002 (end of McEwen)
Sale Date Sale Price Seller Buyer
6/4/1999 $18,400.00 BISHOP MARK L & SUS to GUERRA ANTHONY S & MARGAR
8/25/2004 $40,000.00(1) GUERRA ANTHONY S & MARGAR to OGONTZ REALTY LTD

(1)Price reflects 2 properties

Ogontz Realty address is the same as Lewco, Ronald Guerra, President
ref: http://www.manta.com/c/mm7kcks/l...

Ralph J.

So the parcel 57-06009.001 was given away to Guerra who then sold it for $40,000 but the auditor valuation is only $6,750.
Parcel 57-05975.002 also sold for $40,000 but the auditor has set the valuation at $4,240. What a big property tax break.
Other properties owned by OGONTZ REALTY LLC http://www2.sos.state.oh.us/repo... also get a huge tax break. http://erie.iviewauditor.com/Res...
Check the sale prices against the valuations for property taxes. What kind of math is the auditor using?


So we (sandusky residents) GAVE the Guerra's the property, then 8 months later, the Guerra's sell the property that we GAVE them for $40,000.00? Next time there is any property to be GIVEN away let me know, please and thank you.


May I ask who made that decision ? Who within your city GAVE that property away without the townspeople knowing about it?

If that is the case, how could the city be making attempts to do anything with this "watchdog" group and who is working with them from your city? Apparently that city person doesn't know they don't own the very land they are making deals with. How could that be?

T. A. Schwanger


@ slightthroat212

Not sure I follow your concern. To be clear, the "watchdog" group had nothing to do with the purchase or sale of the property in question by the city. We merely wanted the City to follow through with their original plans of improving public access to the property as documented in the Sandusky Bay Corridor/Pathway Plan.


So who can answer the question of WHY AND WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THIS PROPERTY GIVEAWAY SCAM? AND WHO IN THE HELL IS RESPONSIBLE? We (the citizens of this brain dead decision making city) are entitled to know the reasoning this was done. Unbelievable, Sandusky needs to have every single decision maker, removed and replaced with a NEW competent crew of people that DONT have ANY sort of affiliation or any sort of relationships pertaining to any business within our city. Because this is OBVIOUSLY affecting each and every decision that's being made. Whats best for Sandusky, doesnt matter to ANY of the powers that be. What a joke