Feb 13, 2014

Can I start a petition to remove the Sandusky city manager?

Can you tell me how the average citizen can go about starting a recall petition for city manager Nicole Ard? I know she is hired by the city commission, but can a citizen start a petition to give to the city commission to start a process to have her recalled on a lack of work? Kitty via email

City manager Nicole Ard cannot be removed from her position through a petition, according to Sandusky law director Don Icsman.

The city manager, law director, finance director and city commission clerk work directly for the commissioners and can't be removed from office via petition, Icsman said. The only way for them to lose their job is if commissioners fire them.

Almost three weeks ago, commissioners warned Ard to immediately improve or face termination. They gave her a last-chance agreement to shape up within a 60-day period or else lose her $129,000-a-year job.

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I think she has done a Great Job! She is way better than some of ones we had, typical Sandusky lets run another good one out of town.


Uh, what has she accomplished? Be specific!


She's doing "Great job" by the standards of a city where "doing the best she can" is considered high praise. Sandusky needs to set *absolute* standards for performance, not *relative* standards.




Kitty should have applied for the job!


How can anybody possibly think Ard has done a good job? Better take off the blinders - the sooner, the better!

dorothy gale

She HAS done a great job - of avoiding, evading, hiding, and making excuses.

Julie R.

"Avoiding, evading, hiding, and making excuses ......."

I'm not saying the above is true about Ms. Ard but considering how that's a PERFECT DESCRIPTION of your prosecutor, judges and certain other county public officials, maybe Ms. Ard should get a job with the COUNTY!

Julie R.

Unlike your Erie County prosecutor, probate court judge, and a former auditor, who all went running to hide when I found a forged Power of Attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder that was falsely stated to be on file in the Erie County Recorder, what reason would Nicole Ard have to run and hide? In addition, unlike your joke Erie County courts, who are well-known for creating half-a-dozen other issues as an excuse to avoid the real issue, what's the issue that you're claiming Ard is trying to avoid?


Where do I sign?


Has The SR requested an interview with Ard?
If yes, how has the response been to that interview request?


Kitty, what if you went ahead with a petition and delivered the thousands of signatures directly to the Commission, preferably during a public meeting? The City Manager may be the direct responsibility of the Commissioners, but the Commissioners ARE elected, and they ARE supposed to answer to residents! I wonder what they'd say if you stood up and told them you had all of those signatures demanding Ard be shipped out? (It's frankly too late for her to shape up -- the damage has been done.)


good post

Darwin's choice

She is just as good at "city managing" as obama is at being president, and is doing exactly the same.

Julie R.

I personally don't think Nicole Ard is as bad as they're trying to make her out to be. I do so think instead there's something in the works and you can bet whatever it is your slippery old snakes in the county are involved in it.


Since a petition can not be taken out to remove the City Manager, can a petition be taken out to make the City Manager an elected position taking the choice out of the hands of the 7 people on commission who hired her and are now trying to get rid of her (Brady)?

Oh wait, that was tried two years ago in the May Primary. Oh well.


did they try to do that??


Sandusky needs a new system of government where the officials are accountable to the citizens. I would then say its time to recall the commissioners since they put her in her position. Fire them. Until Sandusky gets a new form of government, its gonna remain a crappy town.


if they are elected, how are they NOT accountable to you already? You could pass a petition to recall them at any time. But if you have a beef with them, go to a meeting and tell them what you don't like. Don't you have an open meeting system here? Or is it closed to the public here? What's the story?