Feb 10, 2014

Is the Register going to change the online commenting policy?

There are still too many uncivil and disrespectful comments being posted. Is the Register going to do anything about this? Bob in Perkins Township

We answered this question numerous times in the past, but it's worth being brought up again.

Register multimedia and digital content editor Jason Werling provided the following answer:

The Sandusky Register is in the process of revamping our online presence including our commenting section at sanduskyregister.com. We are looking to improve our community experience at the website by eliminating anonymous commenting but still give our readers the ability to give their 2 cents in the content we provide.

Feel free to comment below on what changes you would like to see as far as comments or any other online feature.

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no matter what the register does bob, you will always be a thin skinned sissy. dont like it? dont read it,,


HEar here!


Every call to end anonymity is about silencing someone.


Agreed! Tired of sensitive folks!

From the Grave

SR, don't let someone else run your business. You know what this is worth to you in the number of hits you get now. Any major changes that make readers spend less time on yours site=bad for business. Kind of like if the Sail In changed it's name to Sober Skipper.


I think it's about time to out the cowardly trolls who are so mean and negative in their anonymity. You have the registration information for the pseudonyms, why not publish the list. That will send your click rate through the roof. And that's all you really care about, right?

Peninsula Pundit

That was sort of 'mean and negative' at the end there, whoop.


Peni, I have spoken personally to the editors of both Norwalk and Sandusky papers and expressed my concern for their business practices. You may think it's mean and negative but I think anonymous commenting is just one more thing contributing to the demise of civility in our society. We should be supporting more respect for one another.


Use your real name.

Peninsula Pundit

Judge raises a valid point, whoop.
I disagree with your thoughts on anonymity, but would respect you for having the courage of your convictions if you used your real name.
The same goes for any anonymous poster who thinks real names should be used. It would also be a public service that if you have a somewhat common name,you'd put your town or address with your name so someone with the same name (or last name) would not have your comments associated with them.


Erasmus B. Black
The African Princess of Bogo


Re: "uncivil and disrespectful comments,"

When is the last time that anyone can remember when they saw a mean spirited, personally directed comment toward a poster deleted by the SR?

Looks like the SR fired the moderator a while ago.


I agree, they used to be way more sensitive

Peninsula Pundit

It would be wonderful if we could just self moderate.
On Yahoo! if a comment gets 8 thumbs down and no thumbs up, it is hidden.
This would be another suggestion I would make for a change to their current set-up.


I'm a supporter of the thumbs up, thumbs down option.


you know what they call a guy in a pool with no arms and no legs? yup. Bob.


Mercy unassumer!

"Mommy, mommy, why's daddy so cold?" "Shut up and keep diggin!"


I agree. I see a lot more posts by Contango than I used to...


Con posts intelligent comments. Cant say the same for you.


Its the internet, even if you make people log in with facebook, or with "real names", they can still be FAKE. How will you verify that it is real? We have all seen the commercials on tv, just because it is on the internet.....does NOT mean it is REAL or true! Bon Jour.


you are right. i have commented here for just over 3 years. according to the information i gave the register, my first name is mikey, last name is likesit. obviously fake & easy to do. however, when the register decides to change things im not going to bother with another fake internet identity. i will just be gone.. (which im sure will please many)


you shouldn't be afraid to comment as yourself. we should stop being in fear of what we say and think. that's pretty much what the problem is with society these days!


im not afraid.


Unassumer, You are democrat and your boss is a republican. I'm sure you're going to step right up and speak your mind. Yeah, right.

Just Because

Remove the comments option all together. Is nice when you see supportive comments, but there is more negative crap than supportive. Not all papers have this option...you don't have to...so why do it. I think it make the paper look as bad as the commentators since SR allows it.


Not necessary to remove them. Just use the Facebook login. Check The Toledo Blade's comment section. There aren't any comments. There are more letters to the editor than comments. Oh well.


I'm sure these comments would be MUCH MUCH LESS INTERESTING (less reason to read) if we had to give our real names. Why don't you do something worthwhile? Bring back the camera.


I really don't see why someone needs my real name. Don't focus on who I am or am not, just pay attention to what I have to say!! he he!


What do you have to say?


I know for a fact that the courts, police, sheriffs dept. and lawyers read through the comments and actually glean useful information and tips from the comments. The Register itself has done spin off stories based on something learned from the comments.

That would all be lost if we used real names and feared the wrath of paybacks.

Julie R.

I've been telling about all the things snake lawyers get away with and you say lawyers read through the comments and glean useful information?

Lord Almighty, I sure hope I haven't given away any trade secrets so they can ALL start doing it now!