Feb 10, 2014

Is the Register going to change the online commenting policy?

There are still too many uncivil and disrespectful comments being posted. Is the Register going to do anything about this? Bob in Perkins Township

We answered this question numerous times in the past, but it's worth being brought up again.

Register multimedia and digital content editor Jason Werling provided the following answer:

The Sandusky Register is in the process of revamping our online presence including our commenting section at sanduskyregister.com. We are looking to improve our community experience at the website by eliminating anonymous commenting but still give our readers the ability to give their 2 cents in the content we provide.

Feel free to comment below on what changes you would like to see as far as comments or any other online feature.

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John Harville

Every freedom carries responsibilities.

Sitting In The ...

I believe the anonymity allows us to share our true opinions. I believe you should block the IP addresses of known trolls but, you shouldn't label someone a troll just because they said something you didn't agree with.

If you do require an identity wouldn't the "trolls" just give you false information and secondly would the Register be held liable if someone used the information from their site to go smash someones windshield in?


You really want to change the method in which people can give their real opinions? This is counter intuitive when you consider the Register can get real thoughts that can assist them with focusing their articles. Additionally, after we take away free speech we should spit on the graves of the men who died to preserve such rights. I'm appalled you would want to take away the freedom to speak freely. If that happens, I will make every effort to keep people from buying your paper.