Feb 10, 2014

Is the Register going to change the online commenting policy?

There are still too many uncivil and disrespectful comments being posted. Is the Register going to do anything about this? Bob in Perkins Township

We answered this question numerous times in the past, but it's worth being brought up again.

Register multimedia and digital content editor Jason Werling provided the following answer:

The Sandusky Register is in the process of revamping our online presence including our commenting section at sanduskyregister.com. We are looking to improve our community experience at the website by eliminating anonymous commenting but still give our readers the ability to give their 2 cents in the content we provide.

Feel free to comment below on what changes you would like to see as far as comments or any other online feature.

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Re: "being called a Marxist?"

Why do you find the term "Marxist" offensive?

Socialism, communism, Nazism, Leninism, Maoism and many other 'isms,' can trace their origins from Marx's writings.

Read von Mises' monumental work: "Socialism."

John Harville

Read all that in high school.


What one person thinks is 'uncivil' someone else might think it's funny. If a person can't speak what's on their mind within reason, of course, then what's the point of having a comment section. Most of the comments are predictable and some are ignorant but that's life. One should be able to express their opinions even if others don't agree with them. If you like censorship, then yes, by all means go for abolishing commenting but so far we still have free speech, don't we Duck Dynasty?

John Harville

If someone clicks 'inappropriate' and the moderator decides it'a not 'inappropriate', have the decency to email the one who 'clicked' it and explain why it is not 'inappropriate'.

Ralph J.

What is your email addy, John.

John Harville



John Harville

The Moderator knows....


Reading these comments fills a void in my life for some reason. I'd really hate to have to start searching for a new outlet.

Truly yours,
Amanda Hugankiss

Steve P

They monitor the blogs, dare to disagree with the management and you will be banned.

John Harville

I disagree with them all the time... even challenge them. And like the song says "I'm still here...."

Up till now, anyway.


Man, I got a spanking from the moderator a few weeks ago, and never mentioned a name. This Julie R. gets away with slanderous murder, and is not banned. Does she/it have an in with the SR?

Julie R.

I wish.


maybe because it's the truth. her story has remained consistent all this time..

Dr. Information

Go to FB login or pay to post option. Proceeds go to a good charitable cause. Have to option to have posters moderated (if they are using fake FB names) which are easy to tell and have them banned. Eventually the troublemakers will stop making fictitious FB names.

Stop It

So you think. There are so many ways around this it's not even funny. Do you know anything about IT doc? Or are you just talking out your back end?

Dr. Information

Easy to figure out the fake accounts. Usually are the ones who bully and nit pick. In that case, permanent ban. Its not hard to moderate.

John Harville

So. Are you a Phd, Dentist, MD,.... "Dr."?

Stop It

lol...If I were to show you a hole in the ground and another hole in the ground with a line through it, which one would be your butt?

Stop It

Someone says something you don't like and they get gone? Is that the way you think, doc? Frip up the first amendment, and I promise your house will be the first I visit with the second amendment behind me.

Now, do you still want your name and address up here? All I am doing is claiming my rights.

Dr. Information

@stop it. Awe, yet another online threat to harm someone. I have never had a problem posting under my FB account because I don't attack people or let alone threaten someone to come to their house with my gun acting like some big shot with a peashooter. Real man you are!

John Harville

You really think pigseardrunkonskis is a real FB name?

Dr. Information

Thanks for proving my point.

Dr. Information

Thanks for proving my point.



Darwin's choice

Well,good luck with any of this!

I still don't like obama, big dog, coasterfan and the rest of you obamabots.....and will continue to post accordingly.

The Big Dog's back

I disagree with you but I don't know you well enough to dislike you. And Post on, cause I will.

Darwin's choice

^This^, "don't like" is too strong, but disagree with prejudice sounds better.

John Harville

are you a bottom or top teabagger?

Darwin's choice

Crawl back under your rock, johnfan! Troll!

You should be the first person banned.


Ralph J.