Feb 10, 2014

Is the Register going to change the online commenting policy?

There are still too many uncivil and disrespectful comments being posted. Is the Register going to do anything about this? Bob in Perkins Township

We answered this question numerous times in the past, but it's worth being brought up again.

Register multimedia and digital content editor Jason Werling provided the following answer:

The Sandusky Register is in the process of revamping our online presence including our commenting section at sanduskyregister.com. We are looking to improve our community experience at the website by eliminating anonymous commenting but still give our readers the ability to give their 2 cents in the content we provide.

Feel free to comment below on what changes you would like to see as far as comments or any other online feature.

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OK I’ll come clean, my name is Voorhees A. Jollygoodfellow.


i knew that

nosey rosey

The problem with commenting and using your real name is that there are way too many whack jobs out there who have no problem crossing the line and making things personal. And by that I mean they will track you down and harrass you - or worse. It has absolutely nothing to do with civility.


let em track me down. they will regret such a foolish decision..



I'm actually afraid to put political yard signs out during campaigns because I've seen the vandalism that results when somebody walking by...uhm..."disagrees" with what you think. I'm sure as heck not using my real name in an even MORE public venue, thanks!

Does anonymity change my opinion? Nope. Does it change how I express my opinion? Not at all (though I keep it cleaner here than I do in casual conversation). But would the LOSS of anonymity change things? Oh, yes, in virtually every way. Sad, but true. That's not a comment on ME (or on you, Nosey Rosey), but we all know SOMEbody will overreact and things will snowball from there. We've seen threats HERE, for heaven's sake! And that's when people DON'T know who we are!

Peninsula Pundit

A very valid point.


The names Mehoff. jack Mehoff.


I rarely get out here but it seems to me it is the same group of people with their witty screen names on every article,
Most are just a fountain of negativity and they're trying to out wit one another.
Seems to me like you guys really need to find a hobby, instead of sitting behind that keyboard dictating, spitting out hateful comments. Same little witty screen names are in all these blogs. Could possibly a little therapy be in order?


This IS my therapy. LOL


This is my hobby. ( when I'm home with my kids )


I'm sure there is a happy medium. The SR could require people to verify who they are-- say through a phone code or tying the account to Facebook-- but still allow people anonymity when using their public handle. Sandusky is a small community, and it might be hard to get honest comments on controversial topics from the readership if people have to use their real names. Good case in point: the recent firing of Brian Panetta and the comments, pro and con, associated with that story. Good moderation of the thread is always the key, and regardless of what system the SR implements it will still need moderators to remove postings that are libelous in nature.


The comments section is the best part on this newspaper's website.


I agree, Tesla. And reasonable people can have honest disagreements without having to resort to personal attacks.

John Harville

reasonable being the key.


I like the comments, they are a good cross section of the Register's community, perhaps an accurste realistic picture. Most readers are able to discount personal biases and incompetencies.

John Harville

Well, you just insulted 2/3 of 'the Register's community'.

Ralph J.

There are way too many crazy people out there. If they do not like your comment, they will hunt you down and cause much harm. What about employers who will fire you because of your comments. http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wi...
What is Bob's last name and what is his street address.


I'm with Penisula Pundit-- I love the thumbs up, thumbs down idea.

Seymour Butts

John Harville

Well... someone on here thought they had IDd me by "brew"ing a 'veiled' identity. Unfortunately - and the moderator allowed it - the person Sandusky Mom thought she was outing, actually got an enlightening call from a friend about it.
Gannett tried requiring comments to be on Facebook with a resultant no comments.
When someone actually makes a threat against another, the Register has a responsibility to followup. What if something really happens - or already has happened and the connection just hasn't been made?

The Big Dog's back

Me too!
Ben, Ben Dover.


LMAO Dog!!! Now, excuse me as nature is calling.

I.P. Freely

The Big Dog's back

OK Seymore.


^^ Husband & wifey ^^


Sure. Turn this paper into another Fremont News Mess. First they did away with the forums, then went to Facebook format. Nothing but crickets there now.


They also make you pay to read it. You only get a limited about of articles for free every so often. I scan the headlines and do not read or comment. This would be my "local" paper, but since you cannot open the articles due to not paying for them....it is mostly worthless.


just clear your browsing history. it will be free again for 10 articles. after that, do it again..


Thanks for the tip.

Ralph J.

Chirp Chirp Chirp. Why am I wasting my time chirping.

John Harville

How about limiting the number of comments on any story/topic with the only exception being responding to a personal attack like being called a Marxist?

Ralph J.

Are you a Marxist, John. Please share your home, food and money with those who are needy.