Feb 10, 2014

Is the Register going to change the online commenting policy?

There are still too many uncivil and disrespectful comments being posted. Is the Register going to do anything about this? Bob in Perkins Township

We answered this question numerous times in the past, but it's worth being brought up again.

Register multimedia and digital content editor Jason Werling provided the following answer:

The Sandusky Register is in the process of revamping our online presence including our commenting section at sanduskyregister.com. We are looking to improve our community experience at the website by eliminating anonymous commenting but still give our readers the ability to give their 2 cents in the content we provide.

Feel free to comment below on what changes you would like to see as far as comments or any other online feature.

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Useful information, Julie. Obviously the courts and lawyers know that your paranoia and same old rant is not useful or fact based, and has no merit.

As a matter of fact you were told that January 28, 2014, by Man of the Republic. After you were ranting, your same hatred on the judges, in the mailbag story about cell phones in the courthouse. He put you in your place, yet you continue to spew your hatred.

If you have a problem with judges, do something about it! Clogging up the comment section of the Register website, is not doing anything for your cause. It just makes you look like an ignorant, crazy, tin foil hat wearing old lady with nothing better to do, but repeat the same story over and over.

The Bizness

I really do think she is a crazy, tin foil hat wearings old lady.

Julie R.

To all lawyers out there: Better think twice before starting a bunch of trouble like preparing new fraud Power of Attorneys and new fraud Wills when your elderly clients are in the end stages of Alzheimers. Better also think twice before working in collusion with a snake Lorain County attorney to fraudulently transfer your client's property on a forged POA hidden in Lorain County by falsely stating it's on file in Erie County.

After all, there's a lot of people out there with real short fuses that wouldn't take too kindly to lawyers & other idiots criminally defrauding their mothers at the end of their lives, not to mention you might not have as much clout with the Erie County prosecutor and duh judges in Erie County as my mother's two Huron attorneys and that snake Lorain County attorney & and his snake Lorain County law firm does!


Julie R: Consider researching Motions to vacate judgment based on fraud or misconduct by officers of the court. Also if the POA is a forgery have you asked to have the person who presented the forged document charged by filing a police report with proof of the forgery?

Julie R.

Been there, tried that. The Huron police chief was Randy Glovinsky.

Enough said.


Where was the alleged forged document filed? The Sheriff has jurisdiction on alleged crimes in the courthouse. Did you file with the Sheriff of the county where the alleged forged document was filed?

Julie R.

Who do you mean by sheriff? Sheriff Lyons? Enough said there, too. Have you ever dealt with the jokes in the county that I refer to as Baxter & Co.? Believe me when I say, with the exception of that former clerk Barb Johnson, they ALL stick together and if anybody would know that, I sure would. After all, I dealt with those clowns for over 10 years. In fact, I could probably write a book about it!


You probably should write an internet book with links to your proof.

Anyway if the document is still filed in Erie County and it's still an alleged forgery, you could bring it to the attention of Sheriff Sigsworth. If he doesn't do anything with it you could take it to the AG's office. If that office doesn't do anything with the alleged forged document you could take it to the FBI. In all cases you should have proof that the document is a forgery and keep records of everyone who was informed of the alleged forgery.

Also, you could file a Motion to vacate (with proof of alleged forgery attached) to the Judge of the Court and the Clerk of Court (I'm assuming it's probate Court)to have Judge McGookey address the issue of a forged document in her court. Again, if she doesn't do anything about it, you could file a grievance with the Supreme Court of Ohio's Disciplinary Counsel.

Peninsula Pundit

Perhaps Julie could name her blog, 'Erie Voices?'
Good golly, I miss that site.
And whatever happened to Bryan DuBois?


Re: "And whatever happened to Bryan DuBois?"

Didn't know the dude personally, but we emailed back and forth.

He wrote that personal issues had taken precedence.


@ P. Pundit: Well if the SR revises its posting policy, I would not be surprised if a group launched a public interest internet based publication due to demand. However, the site would have to be called something else, because the old Erie Voices domain is unavailable.

I was thinking more along the lines that Julie should publish her story in a book installment format on the web. She could make it a dark comedy satiric piece because the real story is probably unbelievable, but true and not very reader friendly.

Julie R.

Hey DickTracey, I gave out that matter of public record number enough from the auditor's office so why don't you call up the Prudential-Stadtmiller realtor that bought my deceased mother & stepfather's property at that court-ordered scam Erie County sheriff sale and ask him why he was denied title insurance? You might even ask him why some employee at that title company took one look at the title search report and said: "My God! This guy will NEVER get title insurance!" (gee, I'll bet the title company is suffering from paranoia, not to mention all wearing tin-foil hats!)


How about actually making those blogging put their real name on there and the city they live in.


How can you prove our real names and cities? Are YOU going to come and verify it? My name is Diana VonVinderHolgen from Port Harbor, Ohio


How about you do it. I don't want anyone knowing where I live.

Peninsula Pundit

Lead by Example, RES.
Talk is Cheap.

Ned Mandingo

why would Bob want to censor people he doesn't agree with. if you don't like it don't reads it bob.


I will be super bored if they take away this format. I enjoy getting people razzed up. Sometimes I'm genuine, sometimes I feel mischievous. It's all fun :-)

Peninsula Pundit

Well, that explains a lot.


It's the days I forget my meds you need to watch out for :-)

Kobayashi Maru

Make commenters come to the office with a state-issued I.D. in order to sign up for an account. Then the screen name is first and last name, city. Watch the commenters fly off the site. Then the revenues decrease for the paper because they have less hits on the site and can't charge as much per online ad. I highly doubt anything will ever change to the point where we actually know who the commenters are, and that's ok.


Yes, I'm sure those commenters who live out of state will just do that in a heartbeat.

SR: You've been going to do this for awhile now, Two or three months ago it was the same thing.

If your going to do it ... WHY the delay?


I agree. Let's get it on.


I agree. Let's get it on. (the system's working overtime again)

Stop It

Bob HAS to read it. He can't make himself stop. This is like his favorite soap opera and he screams at the TV or in this case, his monitor.

Bob is setting himself up for a heart attack.

Peninsula Pundit

Leave the comment section as it is, but add thumbs up/thumbs down ala Yahoo!. Sometimes someone says something I agree with and would just as soon 'thumbs up' than write. The thumbs down function is to allow someone to disagree without perhaps writing something regrettable in the heat of the moment. Together, they indicate the local reader's general sentiments and bolster or cast doubt on the comment itself.


Oh, I can hardly WAIT until all of the comments include real names and include nothing but kinder, gentler, more complimentary and agreeable posts...NOT!

The Register can censor (by default if not in fact) all it wants. The soapbox does, after all, belong to the newspaper! That doesn't mean I'll be bothered to participate or even to read anything if it does so.

I typically learn more from the comments than the articles a good percentage of the time, and most of the most educational comments are critical in nature. Are there a couple of people I'd love to see shut up? Sure! But I'll put up with a little nonsense to get the benefits from the other end of the spectrum.

I'm certain I'm not the only one who feels this way. So go ahead, Bob. Keep whining until you don't have to listen to anything you find offensive. Go ahead, Register, demand real names. And y'all can keep each other company and reinforce your own sensibilities amongst yourselves while the rest of us move on. And trust me, more than a few of us WILL.

Julie R.

I haven't seen any comments by Centauri for quite awhile. Wonder why.


What happened to wiredmamma?