Jan 29, 2014

Where can I sell candy bars for my school?

My art club at Sandusky High School is selling Malley chocolate bars, almond and pretzel, for our tour of Washington, D.C., this May. I wanted to know if there were any public places to sell them at.

We don't want to speak on behalf of local agencies and businesses.

But people can chime in via the comment section below, determining whether or not these students can sell their chocolate bars at their stores or place of business. Leave contact information.

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yea right

at school..oh wait thats right there is no school

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Mmmmm.....Malley's! If I owned a business I'd let you sell it.

That's a good question though. It's one of those that can't be googled, or made by one simple phone call, as some other questions on here.

Good luck!

Peninsula Pundit

I'd suggest the unemployment office waiting room.
According to a majority of the conservative posters here in the SR, they have PLENTY of disposable income, they're fat, so you know they'll buy candy, and they're bleeding hearts, so they'll probably buy more than one from you.
Best of Luck!
Please let us know how that works out.

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Yes, you will get more people to help you out if you work hard and have ambition to sell your candy. The liberals want the conservatives to buy their chocolate for them, therefore they have to distribute more for the useless.


there is no longer an unemployment office waiting room. they are called one stop stores where you can look for a job, apply for food stamps or welfare, whatever you need. most people apply for unemployment online though and many are not fat nor do they have plenty of disposable income since any income generally goes to the rent and electricity. so until you've been there, you should really keep your smart alecky comments to yourself.

God Of Thunder

Ummm. Put on a coat, go outside, and go walk door to door...


your facebook page, if you have one. You'll reach all your friends with just one post


If you expect to do this the easy way, forget it. YOU should contact the various business's and ask for permission to set up in front of their store. I never buy off of a mom or dad who is selling their children's stuff for them. This is a good business opportunity for you to learn to deal with the public yourself. I would agree with God of Thunder, but I don't know if it would be safe to do this in these days.


it's spelled 'businesses' (no apostrophes in plural words). in my opinion, schools should not be requiring students to do their own fund raising. it's not safe for kids to go door to door without a parent and even then, it could be dangerous. many people don't like to be assaulted at every store they go into with the various groups asking for money or selling something but Walmart might let you sell them out front if you ask them. They let everyone else do it.


Thank you for correcting my spelling. BTW, the M in many should be a capitol since it starts a new sentence. Sorry, but I couldn't resist the little dig.


I love when sphincters point out errors in other peoples comments, especially when said sphincters comment is full of errors. unASSumer, I would tell you to keep your mouth shut, but it's kind of hard to do, when your foot is in it. HaHaHaHaHa

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I don't believe they are allowed to solicit door to door.


Sick and tired of everyone trying to sell me something as I walk into a store! I buy Girl Scout cookies, give to the veterans, and contribute to the church. When will the schools stop forcing these kids to sell, sell, sell?

yea right

problem is is that poor "fat" ppl will buy them up first to "help" out a child..the snobs like those that make up 90% of Beverly Huron will Not


Mmmmm, Malley's! Let us know where you'll be, I'll buy some! I remember when my kids were in school, it did seem like we were constantly having a fundraiser! Can definitely relate to both sides! Good luck!


I have seen school groups at my local grocery store and hardware store selling from a table many times. I am sure if you ask at your local stores you find those that are willing to work with you. The way you wrote your question above sounds like the best way to ask. Hint, dress for success and be sure to use the words please and thank you when you make your presentation.


or make a video, upload it to youtube and start shipping those orders out tonight!


Call Star Lanes and see if you can go on Thurs. nights...it is league night. I've seen other kids out there doing the same thing.

Tsu Dho Nimh

As a kid, I unloaded a lot of candy selling at the bowling alley. Suggestion: where a school shirt or club shirt when you sell.

Most Wanted

Go to an after school function and sell. A girls basketball game or a wrestling meet. Walk around and sell them for an hour or so.


This is what vending machines are for. I can't believe the schools still sell this stuff.


We have a problem with obesity and still the schools are promoting selling candy.

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Moderation. Some people have self control. Plus eating some chocolate is beneficial.

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Why are kids used to raise money for their schools?