Jan 23, 2014

Why did Cold Stone Creamery close?

Why and when did the ice cream shop shut down? Karen in Sandusky and Kelly from Perkins Township

The store, located in the same building as Starbucks on Milan Road, closed in the recent past.

The Register forwarded several questions to the media department, including how many people lost their job.

Spokeswoman Kate Unger, however, only provided the following information:

Thank you for your interest in Cold Stone Creamery. Although we never like to see a store close, the decision to close a store is that of our individual franchisees. At this time I can only confirm that our records show the store closed.

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I heard cabana jacks and east side are also closing?


East side is for sure, to bad, again a great place with great local people

Stop It

Not East Side. Say it ain't so...damn..


It's time to weed out some of the unnecessary businesses. Cold Stone didn't belong in this area and neither did Baskin Robins. Perhaps another worthless pizza shop could open up in there because, frankly, there just aren't enough of them. Better yet! MAYBE, a Starbucks could open up! Yeah! A Starbucks right beside another Starbucks! You laugh, but it could happen. I've seen them right across the street from each other. Someone alert Subway too. Tell them there's available space for rent.


Or Starbucks could expand. That place is small.


What Sandusky/250 needs is a GOOD pizza joint! I still drive to Clyde for my pie. Pizza House in Clyde is the best pizza put together in this country! Cameo probably has the best in Sandusky, but I don't like driving through the Ghetto after dark!


Easily, the best pizza in the area is Huron Pizza House. Cameo is mediocre at best. Chet and Matt's is inconsistent and the others use as low quality ingredients as the national chains. I've never had Pizza House in Clyde so I can't comment. Seems like a drive for some pizza. Almost makes me curious!


The best pizza in the area is either the Chicago style or deep dish pizza from Wink's in Huron. Huron Pizza house is good, but nothing special.


Wink's crust is tasteless to me. Huron Pizza House is that greasy type pizza that you can't get just anywhere. Matt knows what he's doing there. It's pricey but worth it to me. With that said, we should all be glad that we don't like the same things. How boring would life be then???


I would love to see a Mr. Hero's return.


I'd be cool with that. I'd like to trade all the pizza places in town for East of Chicago again!


To exspensive and it wasn't good not to me anyways.


We need a piada Italian street food.


That property is a Hoty property, therefore, when it snow and someone comes out and plows all of Hoyt's property that store gets hit with a maintenance bill, as well as when someone cuts their grass its billed to the rental property . Some people dont think its going to snow and your going to have a $10,000 annual snow removal bill as well.


Eats and Treats is way over priced as well.


I think Eats N Treats is well prices for their food. They always have great specials going on, and the pizzas are good!


I actually agree with this. Their pizza is good and reasonably priced. Their other food is decent and priced good. However, their ice cream is too expensive indeed.


The taste of the pizza isn't bad, nor is it great. It's the GUARANTEED heartburn I hate. I was referring more towards ice cream prices


Is Winks even still open? Seems hit or miss. Pizza House in Clyde is great. Huron Pizza House better though. Eats and Treats came from Pizza House East, so explains why they are good also. East of Chicago was awesome in the 90's, but horrible lately. Just speaking of the one that was on CP Drive. Buffet was horrible.


Well, Huron Pizza House it is tonite then. It better be better dude! Lol


Food for thought. imo there are no real pies here. NYC/Philly/Jersey...now that sum pies! Sadly most in this area would not pay for an authentic pie. Prove me wrong.


Chicago. Hands down.


I'd like a good Chinese restaurant with a drive through window. The Chinese place in Huron plaza is awesome. Wish they would open a place in Sandusky. They are good and consistent in quality with excellent and pleasant customer service. Have tried the other 2 across from each other, near Corso's and simply don't like them.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Have you tried Jo Wok on Perkins? They have amazing food and is a very popular place to eat for our store's community. They have a drive-thru window, you can eat in, or you can phone ahead and pick it up. Jo and his family/employees are really nice.


They advertise themselves as a Thai restaurant. In general, I haven't seen anyplace in the county that does decent and authentic Chinese food.

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The Hero Zone

They are primarily Thai but they do have a good Chinese section to the menu. I eat from that section occasionally, but compared to the other things they offer it is (imho) like going to Toft's just for a small Styrofoam bowl of vanilla. In fact it is Sunday so the tradition has been Thai food and D&D every week for the past seven years I've been running my game.

I think if Jo ever started to deliver he'd make a killing.


We need a BD Mongolian Barbeque

Rusty of Sandusky

I agree 100% with this comment. Back when the Menards complex first opened and also when they were breaking ground for Longhorn at Crossings, I wrote to BD Mongolian to see if they would consider expanding into this area. Never got a response.


Because their ice creme tasted like crap