Jan 23, 2014

Why did Cold Stone Creamery close?

Why and when did the ice cream shop shut down? Karen in Sandusky and Kelly from Perkins Township

The store, located in the same building as Starbucks on Milan Road, closed in the recent past.

The Register forwarded several questions to the media department, including how many people lost their job.

Spokeswoman Kate Unger, however, only provided the following information:

Thank you for your interest in Cold Stone Creamery. Although we never like to see a store close, the decision to close a store is that of our individual franchisees. At this time I can only confirm that our records show the store closed.

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Maybe because it was too expensive.


Let's face it shutting down the bong shop and gambling places on Perkins has killed our economy...


I went there once and it was way to expensive for me.


and their competition was....Tofts, nuff said


Agreed, how can any other ice cream even compare in Sandusky?


In the world of ice cream Tofts is low rent.


Agreed. There is better for sure


I disagree. Toft's is delicious.


Sad. I think many people fail to realize that many of the local franchise places are actually small business run by local owners as is the case of Cold Stone Creamery. It was owned by very nice people from Milan.


Why did it close? $5-8 for an ice cream!! Are you serious?


I got a Gift Card for Christmas and never had the chance to use it. Never have been in the place either, heard the prices were outrageous. What am I suppose to do with this Gift Card?


My pet peeve as a gift! Gift cards suck unless it's a bank card, but still....


Better use yer Mikey's, Mekong, 5 Guys, BW3s, Best Buy, and Home Depot gift cards soon...


I can agree on the Mikey's and Mekong, but I seriously doubt the others will be going anywhere anytime soon!


And those shops by little Caesar's, 24 hour fitness, dick's, that sports store by ABC Warehouse, Boudouir Noir, that video game trade in place where mattress mart used to be... Uh... Demora's, the post office... That gas station that isn't finished being built across from Kroger's...


Why Mekongs? Their food is wonderful, do you know something for sure or just surmising? I hope they don't close...


Agree, Mekong is great. Always seems pretty busy, too. If anything, he will move off 250. Paying too much rent for exposure to tourist traffic that only goes to the chains.


I kinda doubt 5 Guys will close, or Best Buy or BW3's or Home Depot. I can see Mikeys and Mekong. 5 Guys is a big tourist place in the summer, and it seems like Best Buy always has business. The younger crowd typically goes to BW3's, and Home Depot always has business. If you're talking about outrageous prices, Cold Stone was pretty expensive. I can honestly say I'd rather go to Tofts, anyway. Locally owned business, prices are fair, and their dairy products are awesome. The only thing is, Tofts prices may go up due to less competition.


Home Depot is a ghost town. Have you Ever been there? I could see them closing for sure. Terrible location, higher prices than Lowes (which is right across the street, but much easier access) and Menards beats them all.

The Bizness

Mekong has amazing food, amazing beer, and amazing owners. I wish they could expand their tap selection. Maybe move downtown or something.


I agree, but that doesn't mean they'll prosper. It's a pretty exotic culinary genre, and small towns aren't exactly hotbeds of epicurean adventurism.


There's a place at Great Northern Mall where you can exchange or sell gift cards if you don't want them. Have never used it, but they seem to have all kinds of gift cards there. If your in that area, lol.


There is one in Avon i love that place so good!!!


cold stone needs to move out and just put in a Tofts in there. It may be small place for it, but it's a better price than cold stone


There can never be too many Toft's Ice Cream Parlours...and I mean this in all seriousness.


This news is a surprise since I've heard the place was sold to new owners a few months ago.


For the gift card person...
If in Toledo, there is a cold stone at the corner of Route 2 (Navarre ave) and wheeling street. Across FROm St Charles hospital. It's in with Tim Hortons


Also one in Perrysburg at the CrossRoads. Rt 20 before you hit the 475 overpass. Near BassPro, Target, and all the shopping plazas.


I heard cabana jacks and east side are also closing?


It would suck if Cabana Jacks closed!