Jan 24, 2014

Why aren't Sandusky's streets plowed?

Does Sandusky use salt on its roads? The road conditions here seem to be worse here than any other northern Ohio city. Mike in Sandusky

Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein provided the following answer:

That seems opinion driven, not fact based.

Let us know in the comment section below if you believe Sandusky's roads are plowed properly or not.

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Haven't seen them salt my street in over 5 years!


My street is plowed but I have to admit that five LE officers live in my neighborhood!

The Don

My street never is and I live off of Ontario. I get to watch cars get stuck a lot. But it really doesn't bother me. I'd rather have the main roads done and try to save money by not plowing the side streets a lot.


A plow has definitely come through but our street is still a mess. It's been slick and covered in snow all week.


It seems most people think that every other town does a better job at plowing their streets then their home town. Truth be told, most towns do what they can. They try and keep the main roads open and salted. When it is this cold, salt doesn't work. If they salted every street, they would be out of salt by Dec. We can only hope that this cold weather (and the wind) gives up the fight and it gets warmer.


No and I never seen them out anywhere

dorothy gale

I think it's a bit more than "opinion driven" when I see cars stuck in the middle of my street. Great NON-answer to the question.


Roads here are HORRIBLE and have been! They just don't want to pay an actual WORKER to do the job. I'm getting really sick, really fast at this town doing absolutely NOTHING about ANYTHING anymore!! Get rid of some of the FAT CATS so work can be done~not just for the city but EVERYWHERE!


I agree, dorothyg - I love the way he skirted around giving ANY answer whatsoever to the question. Typical politician-type (NON)answer - he should run for office.


There are all sorts of reasons a street might not be salted (time, supply, temperatures too low to make it worthwhile). There are all sorts of reasons a street might not be plowed (time, a lack of personnel, or drifts that negate plowing that HAS been done). What there is NO excuse for is an answer like the one provided by Mr. Klein! I think he needs to remember who it is he works for...

Richard Cranium

Hey Klein, You work for and are paid by us citizens. How about an explanation instead of a cocky answer. You feed your family from the public trough, so be considerate when answering. And if you feel you don't need to answer to the citizens then get another job. People Like him think that everyone owes him this job. Answer the question, it's simple.


Did ya expect any other type of answer? Seems like the normal answer, or non-answer, from the political machine here in Sandusky

JMOP's picture

"Does Sandusky use salt on its roads?" That's a question, not an opinion.

Little Giant

On Tuesday I sat and watched and took pictures of two city trucks with snowplows plow the Jackson Street Pier parking lot for about 20 minutes. Seems like these guys need a little more supervision.


City crews are still being dispatched to clean the sidewalks downtown of snow. How about the City donate shovels to all downtown merchants.


That's important, the fairy boats may pull in at any time!


I don't comment on here hardly at all, but my dad works for the city and drives plow. He has worked and entire shift in the garage, then goes out and runs plow, until who knows when. My dad has missed countless family gatherings and time with the family because of this. Maybe it needs to be brought to Mr.Klein's attention that drivers are plowing parking lots for twenty minutes, or maybe a call to say your street could use some plowing. I'm not saying you should have to, but maybe it would help.

Kenny V

I know for a FACT. that the city street are far worse then the streets in the township, rt 2, and all the roads in Danbury and Marblehead. I drive those streets daily. Everything is clean clear and dry until I hit Venice road out by Margarita. I shake my head every night when I drive into town and think wow my tax dollars at work. Or lack of work.

I understand tonight there isn't any streets clear, I am talking on the average day 24 hours after a snow fall. I also understand when salt is effective and when it isn't. Snow removal is part of my job as well. I also have lived in the country and snow what large snow falls are all about. Most of these people in charge and running the plows have not seen big snow falls. I know this because they never plan for the next storm. I have always taken an extra step and plan for more snow fall. If we wouldn't have had the thaws after the earlier storms, most of our streets would be unpassable. example the end of my street was only a lane and a half wide. 2 more storms it woulda been down to 1 or equipment would have been torn up trying to move the piles or refrozen snow.



I don't think roads with speed limits 25 and under should get plowed. Unless they become impassable. You can safely travel 25 in most conditions


Whenever I'm in town, I try to avoid side streets as much as possible. I try to avoid Sandusky as much as possible when it gets this bad. It's ridiculous that Perkins Twp has better roads than Sandusky. Not fact based? How about someone take pictures of Sandusky streets and then take pictures of nearby streets.

Kenny V

I drove through complete white out conditions today on the Edison bridge. Yet the road was in MUCH better condition then the city of Sandusky streets.


How about banning all on street parking and allowing plows to clear?


Because that would make sense and the public would rather complain than do their part.


We looked at an older home near downtown a while back that didn't have a garage or even a driveway! The only place to park to get into the house was the street. So, it may not be that simple for everyone.


Let me tell you, I'm a bus driver in erie county. Sandusky streets are by far the worst streets in the county hands down. Franklin st., Lawrence st.,Central ave. Are pretty much impassable. The entire downtown is a joke when it comes to plowed and/or salted streets. But this comment section just like phone calls and emails to the street dept. fall on deaf ears because the powers that be don't care, just take a ride down any street downtown and you will see just how much they care. I have noticed the more complaints they receive about the streets, the less they do. The mindset they have had this entire winter is laughable and extremely immature. They think the roads are bad now wait till this storm hits hahaha. (Aaron Klein talking to the street dept. employees)


What storm?




a tax payers dollar is valuable whether or not they live on a Main Street or side street. Give those people the same respect as people who live on main streets. Remember this at voting time people!