Jan 27, 2014

Where can I buy white plywood manger scene?

Do you know where I can buy a white plywood manger scene? Pat in Huron

We're not sure of any local businesses or residents supplying this product.

Maybe people in the comment section below could help us out...

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A Christmas decoration? Or am I way off?


Yes, a Christmas decoration is what I was thinking of. The Register did an article a while back. Maybe last year, of someone in Port Clinton who made them and sold them. I lost the phone number and was wondering as well where I could buy one. I think they were $40.


Island hotel in port Clinton would know about them


OK, I found it. Here's the link:



If you know someone who has one and you are handy with a saw, you can use theirs as a copy to make your own. You would have to paint it after you cut have it all cut out.

Dwight K.

Sounds like a waste of money

From the Grave

I'll stick with my plastic Jesus.


I found it!

Baby Jesus Found Hanging from Ceiling Fan


Sorry, but it was the Registers, all time best (2008) headline! Apparently a lot of other news sources liked it too, the story was picked up by several news outlets, due to the catchy headline.


terrys village .com - maybe . e-BAY

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I am so glad that you can't even ask advice without the upstanding Sanduskians piping right up...


Why does that make you glad? I think it's appalling!

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I was being sarcastic Babymomma...

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I always enjoy your hateful attitude...I am so glad you know all about being judgmental...

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Think again...I am so glad that you have decided to stalk me from article to article. I guess my opinion is very important to you! HOWEVER you do not know me or any struggles that I have been through to that form my ideas and options. Do not attack me on a personal level that makes you hateful.


The island hotel in port Clinton was selling them.