Jan 21, 2014

When is the sentencing for Dianna's Deli owners, family members?

Has the Gonos family and owners of Dianna's Deli been sentenced yet? John in Sandusky

Andreas Gonos, 28, Chris Gonos, 31, and Kyriakos Gonos, 30, are set to be sentenced Feb. 11, starting at 1 p.m. in U.S. Northern District Court in Toledo.

They pleaded guilty in October to conspiracy to structure financial transactions to evade filing currency transaction reports. They each could face up to five years in prison.

Haralambos Gonos, 52, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to structure financial transactions to evade filing currency transaction reports, conspiracy to structure financial transactions to evade filing reports and conspiracy to engage in bulk cash smuggling. His sentencing is also on Feb. 11

Each defendant is to have a separate hearing

One cases is still pending for Sofia Skoura, 52.

There hasn't been any further action on the case since the plea hearings.

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Still would love to know how they made millions selling breakfast's.


Me too!

The Answer Person

Uh...they went to work and probably didn't sit around sniping on computers would be my guess. Try it!


If you only knew.......................

Darwin's choice

Something does sound amiss..........

They would have had to make $5 profit on 550 dinners a day, every day, to make one million dollars, but they had "several"million?

Bet the "Outback" would love to have those numbers.....!


Their meals were not that expensive and you got a lot of food for your money.

Peninsula Pundit

A restaurant in this area in the summer is a goldmine.
That's no secret.
And being one of the few to serve a home-cooked menu with variety all year 'round, it is not surprising they are making a comfortable living.
What is hilarious is the same posters here who decry people not going out and getting a job and make big money (somehow)are now casting aspersions on this successful business.
How telling.
The only 'crime' these folks have committed is one manufactured by the US govt.
If free enterprise is truly free, why do you have to be so circumspect in how you report the money you make? The rule is you have to report moving $10,000. They moved $9,900 at a time. That's what they're in trouble for.
I hope a good lawyer can stop this. The folks that already plead guilty are wishing they could change that plea, I'd bet.


The folks that pled guilty, pled guilty for a reason!