Jan 16, 2014

What's your opinion of legalizing marijuana?

I'm curious of thoughts and opinions of people living in the Register's coverage area about Colorado's bill on legalizing recreational use of marijuana? Would it be an effective tax break the state of Ohio or any other state that may break down and legalize it? Anthony via email

Anthony's alluding to Colroado, among many other states, beginning to legalize marijuana for recreational use. It's still illegal in Ohio.

Comment below about whether you feel marijuana should be legalized or not, and what advantages or disadvantages come with that.

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Doesn't legalizing marijuana contradict health care? Just think about it. We are paying high premiums now for health insurance and now we are permitting people to drive the cost up even more with more health problems that come along with marijuana use, and we have to pay for it in high premiums for someone's irresponsibility. It is a shame and it goes against Federal laws.


it's going on anyway. the law isn't stopping it.

Licorice Schtick

Show me someone who wants a drug legalized and I'll show you a user of that drug.


What health problems? Putting someone in prison for smoking it is a waste of tax dollars!


I agree. Make room for the murderers and pedophiles and let the pot smokers and sellers out.


Agreed. The war on drugs has been a dismal failure. This country has spent billions on it and it has done nothing to stop the flow of or use of drugs. Just think of how much money would be saved by decriminalizing it and not having all these people locked up in prison. Focus more on education and treatment since there is increasing evidence around the world that this is more effective than trying to stop the flow of drugs and incarceration.


"Doesn't legalizing marijuana contradict health care?"

Cannabis should be part of health care. Do your research. Ignore the lies and the bullsh!t.

Cannabis can provide relief from stress. Stress can make you sick or kill you.

Cannabis can help you sleep. Lack of sleep can make one sick or die early.

Cannabis can treat alcoholism.

Cannabis can prevent cancer. It can also stop cancer.

Big Pharma, the FDA, the AMA and others will come after anybody who dares to show a cure for cancer. If people were all healthy, Big Pharma, the FDA and others could not make any money. Only sick people make money for Big Pharma.

Another plant, Erythroxylon coca has many health benefits, including blood glucose control.

QUESTION: How many people get sick or die from Big Pharma's drugs each year?


definitely! and the insurance companies are going to raise premiums despite marijuana laws. they want to make as much money as possible without providing you with affordable care.


Don't forget that marijuana is also an effective treatment for glaucoma. Further, it is one of the best anti-nausea measures available which has proved a great boon to those undergoing chemotherapy. It is also an appetite enhancer that has had marked success with those undergoing treatment for HIV/AIDS.

Those rabid anti-drug folks also like to ignore the fact that it's quite literally impossible to overdose on marijuana, it's non-addictive, and it's far safer than alcohol or most other drugs.

You're right, too, about the drugs that kill people on a regular basis. By the same token, have you ever searched for the number of deaths caused annually by marijuana? The answer, lest you wonder, is zero. In fact, there has NEVER been a documented marijuana-caused fatality. It's also cheap and infinitely renewable.

Oh, yes, big pharma truly loathes marijuana! The government? It just likes the power it gets from the failure called the "War on Drugs."

P.S. I don't want to see anybody here babbling about marijuana being a "gateway drug," either. That claim has long been shown to be bogus (the "study" -- I use the term loosely -- was conducted in such an improper way that, using IDENTICAL methodology, I can "prove" to you that going to church causes people to commit murder, or that drinking milk means you'll die of breast cancer).


I agree with the three of you!

From the Grave

It didn't help Bob Marley.


Look up "Acral Lentiginous Melanoma"


From the Grave

Regular exercise, a diet of REAL food, and not over working because you've over extended yourself financially will do the same things for you.


Just like the recession in the 30s the government found a way to tax alcohol so they did and it took us out the recession. Now they think marijuana can do the same! Its coming no matter what way you shake it!

getit right be4...

Legalize it.

Its great to see some states pushing back on the Fed. I hope this is a trend that will continue with other laws. The Federal government is suppose to work for the states not the other way around.

getit right be4...

And I don't support Taxing it like crazy neither.

Erie County Resident

More stupid questions fron the confused stoner state of Cheech & Chong.


Dave's not here!


Spending trillions of dollars in order to enforce the prohibition has been an abject failure.

Both the drug dealers and law enforcement have profited from it.

Time to re-think the prohibition of all illegal substances, not just marijuana.

For one, see the results of decriminalization of all drugs in Portugal:


Erie County Resident

Isn't this one of the brain dead countries that have riots where a soccer game breaks out at half time?
Yeah let's bring that crap to our already screwed up country.


Portugal is not the only country where there has been some success in lowering problems with drug abuse by decriminalizing it. Many countries in Europe have done the same with the same success. Seems education and treatment work better and are less costly than punishment and going after dealers.


Re: "Portugal?"

We should 'at a minimum' look at their experience.

So what's the alternative; continue to spend trillions more fighting a war that we've clearly lost?

The U.S. has the most number of laws against illegal drugs in the world, yet we are the largest users on the planet.

Sumpthin's outa whack in our policies toward drugs.


You don't believe in at least trying to make things better ? We're already a second rate country, just a big one. Our teenagers are already in eighteenth or twentieth place


make things better for who? and how? life is not a race so who cares what place we're in! chill man, chill.


It's okay by me if they legalize it. I don't smoke it now but I have in my younger days. I think it would give law enforcement the ability to concentrate on more dangerous drugs and dealers. Alcohol definitely seems to cause more problems and pot helps some health issues, so I see no reason not to legalize it.


Research "endocannabinoid system"

A healthy human body makes endocannabinoids but stress or lack of sleep can stop the human body from producing these beneficial cannabinoids. Lack of cannabinoids also leads to alcoholism and drug abuse.


"Marijuana cannabinoids help restore the body's own natural cellular abilities"


And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Bible - King James Version

If the Good Lord pushes it up out of the ground mankind shouldn't be regulating it. Legalize marijuana and tax it.


Oh look, the Cheetos eatin’, cartoon watchin’ stoners, who find it difficult to hold a coherent conversation, know what’s best for our society. Keep hitting the bong dopers.


I have provided many links about the benefits of cannabis to the human body the past few months.

Did you even bother to click on the links and read the truthful information?

Keep thinking again again again again again again again ........

No Wake

It would be fun to make a caricature of you, thinkagain, but what could I say here that you haven't already said yourself?