Jan 8, 2014

Is a noteworthy Sandusky church for sale?

I noticed Calvary Temple Church in downtown Sandusky has a "for sale" sign on the side of it. Have they moved? Are they in the process of moving? Is it still a functioning church? Alex from Sandusky

Sandusky building permit technician Megan Stookey provided the following answer:

The building department is not aware of any move for the church or their future plans for the building. If we hear something, we will certainly share that information with you.

If anyone knows what's going on, feel free to comment below.

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Why not call them and ask?


What does it matter, no one goes to Church anymore anyways... My Church has stayed at the same #'s or less for 10 years. People wonder why we have all our societal problems- My answer would be that maybe Sunday in Church would be better than Saturday in the bar. If you have been away from Church for awhile, go back. If you're thinking of going for the first time- then go. It will do you some good.


Another Waldock investment?


I thought they left there awhile back. But I do agree with bondgirlM, why call the building permit technician (whatever that job title means) and not the actual church itself, or the number on the for sale sign?


Answer:: SR Took the easy path.


The Register can't pick up the phone and call the church directly and talk to the pastor there and find out what the scoop is? I thought the church invested a lot of money in the corner church. The Register could have done a better job of finding out and giving a better answer.


Maintenance to keep the building up is constantly increasing, and with many Church's the offering is down since all the real jobs went overseas. Its a wise financial decision and nothing more.


LOL well it tells me you need to visit the church on Sunday morning ...Then you find out for sure


I just thought this may be the obvious answer.. http://www.cbhunter.com/Property...
--sort of odd it isn't with a local realtor--


Property is listed by Dan Lee, a local Realtor. CBHunter is promoting property on their website.


Their attendance has been down for years. I think they have a fairly new pastor and he's driven a few of the bigger families in the church off for various reasons. Really is a shame. I hope that building doesn't sit empty, but I don't think there is going to be too many potential buyers.