Jan 6, 2014

Will Danny Boy's accept Weazy's gift cards?

If you have a gift card from Weazy's, what can you do with it? Will they honor it at the new Danny Boy's? Roger in Port Clinton

Yes, Danny Boy's will accept Weazy's gift cards previously purchased.

To read more about the name change and the restaurant returning to the Sandusky area, click here.

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Weazy's was such an awful name. Glad to see it going back to Danny Boy's.


Considering the previous owner was a weasel, I think it was a very appropriate name.


It really was enjoyable when it was a part of the Danny Boys family of restaurants. The Weasy's takeover was wrought with poor cooking and subpar service. Hope the owners of Danny Boys brings it back to its old self.

Raoul Duke

I think it should be Danny Brothers.

BULLISDEEP's picture



When danny boys first came to sandusky it was amazing. Great food and service . Fun place. The last couple years it really slipped .

God Of Thunder

It should go back with delivery service..It was always fast, and food was always piping hot when we got it.. They lost a lot of our business when they stopped the delivery


No offense, but the food was never that good to justify the outlandish prices they charge.