Jan 3, 2014

Is there an update on Trooper the deer?

Do you have news or an update about Trooper the deer? Have any decisions been made? Michelle via email
Trooper the deer is safe.
His owner, Carol Deyo of Mount Vernon, had taken in two injured deer: Trooper, who had lost his leg to a mower, and Patch, injured after being hit by a car. The two fawns grew up, but the Ohio Department of Natural Resources charged Deyo with having wild animals illegally and wanted to take her animals away.
After the case drew widespread publicity -- a "Saving Trooper" page on Facebook attracted much attention -- authorities relented and offered Deyo a deal: She could keep the deer if she didn't take in any more wild animals and met other requirements. The charge was dropped.
A photo posted Dec. 28 on Facebook shows Trooper wearing a red hat with an OSU Buckeyes pin. The caption says, "Trooper is preparing for an exciting New Year 2014!! His wish is for his loved ones to be happy and healthy this year! He really loves the positive and joyful mood everyone is carrying around this week!"


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I have a mailbag question....why did I see 2 Sandusky city plows following each other, with the first truck spreading salt and the second truck plowing the salt off the road? They both had their plows dropped,and I understand using 2 trucks simultaneously.....but why not have the second truck throwing the salt?


Working the salt into the compacted snow


Not good enough. How does scraping it work it in? If anything it scrapes it right off.