Jan 2, 2014

What happened to SPD officer Todd Smith?

I'm curious what ever happeend with one of the officers invovled in a love triangle with his supervisor and the supervisor's wife. Has he returned to the force? Jane in Sandusky

An arbitrator ruled in May that Sandusky officials must reinstate city police Officer Todd Smith back into the department.

Smith, however, hasn't returned because city manager Nicole Ard — who fired Smith in spring 2012 — continues to fight the ruling.

He's basically guaranteed a position whenever he returns.

"There are 45 officers currently, Smith not included," Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said. "He is in the budget due to the ruling to reinstate him. The appeal by the city is still in Erie County Common Pleas Court. We are waiting on a ruling, and last I heard (three) weeks ago from the city attorney, we are not sure on a timeline."

The termination resulted from an early 2012 internal police investigation, questioning alleged antics involving Smith, Sandusky police Officer Stephen Ritterbach and Ritterbach’s wife, Jennifer.

Among the report’s findings: Jennifer asked Smith to have sex with her and Ritterbach in late 2011. Sometime afterwards, Ritterbach discovered the two exchanged nude images via text messaging, and he later threatened to shoot Smith.

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So, 7 more months of back pay the city will owe him if he returns??? That will really help the "bottom line" thanks Nicole....


you said it

entitled to my ...

What is the point of paying for an arbitration hearing if the ruling can be appealed? Makes absolutely no sense! And why is the "appeal" process taking so long? When was he terminated? April 2012- which means when he gets his job back, the City is going to owe him at least 19 months of back pay. The City wants its Safety forces to make concessions to help the City with their budget deficit, yet Ard is wasting money on this appeal process. From what I understand, Judges pretty much always side with the Arbitrator's rulings, so it's just a matter of time before Smith is "officially" reinstated and paid a hefty settlement for doing absolutely nothing to earn it! What a joke!

Julie R.

@JohnDorian12: Orzech said they are still waiting on a ruling .... that the appeal by the city is still in the courts, so why are you thanking Nicole Ard? Why not blame the Erie County Common Pleas Court?

As an afterthought, I can't wait to see how this one pans out. Will Tygh Tone publicly chastise Nicole Ard again like he did over her so-called unjustified firing of Randy Glovinsky's part-time police officer son ........ or will Roger Binette publicly chastise the city's hired out-of-town attorney again over his so-called failure to follow the proper procedure with paperwork?


Julie R, Ard is the one who fired him then appealed their BINDING arbitration, THAT'S why I blame her

God Of Thunder

John...Julie just likes to always put the blame on the 'corrupt Erie County Judges'. She blame them for the blizzard we just had, because I'm sure mother nature is n cahoots with them.


Lmao....she definitely hates Erie county!

Julie R.


Julie R.

Hey BabyMomma, if somebody lives in Erie County all their lives (like my mother did) and owns property in Huron, Ohio, can their property be transferred on a forged Power of Attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder? (sarcasm intended)

Big Poppy

Maybe Nicole Ard wants to see his junk and he won't show her so she's fighting it!


thats what i was thinking..


So, Officer Ritterbach threatens to shoot Officer Smith for exchanging nude photo's with his wife, yet no criminal charges were filed for intimidation or aggravated menacing against Officer Rittenbach. And Officer Smith despite outrageous behavior unbecoming an officer wins at arbitration and is likely to reap a financial windfall?

I don't blame Ard for fighting the arbitrator's ruling. It is insane to reward Smith for his misconduct and you have to draw a line someplace. If the former Chief of Police could be fired for accepting Cedar Point tickets, (decision upheld by Erie County Common Pleas Court) than certainly Smith should be fired.

What happened to holding police officers to an higher standard? Or does that higher standard only apply to women?

entitled to my ...

One problem I have is why didn't the City fight Ritterbach's reinstatement? He also received a hefty settlement. And I totally agree with Julie R. and Babo. Can't wait to see how this plays out and yes, Police Officers should be held to a higher standard.


I say put Smitty and Rottencrotch in a cell together and let them come to a settlement. Then again these two couldn't fight themselves out of a wet paper sack so they would probably end up playing rock, paper, scissor's together !



Lol!!! You always come on these blogs questioning people's "manliness" when you're the one pathetic enough and has nothing better to do but to comment on every story on here lol you're sad


If you can guess what I have in my hand you can have it :O They are both punks that became cops to compensate for their shortcomings...no pun intended !


Wow....little harsh huh?


Sometime's the truth hurt's but it's not gonna stop me from telling it !


Which one won the ladies hand , or are they still sharing her? Higher standards & morals go hand in hand. Do better, be better, be trustworthy, we need to respect you for the right reasons, not all this garbage.


They are both cheating dirtbags! If they can't be honest to their own wives and to the detective on the case then why would they be honest while on the job? If smittys wife knew all of his dirt since they got married while on the clock and off she would never be standing by his side today.


If you think these are the only two guys down there who lie to their wives, then you're as diranged as they are, they just got caught....


You find Smith and Rittenbach to be "diranged" [sic], yet you blame Ms. Ard for appealing the ruling (as was done in Chief Nuesse case)so that Sandusky doesn't have to employ the deranged and chronic liar Smith? Are there any moral standards in SPD?

looking around

What happened to that guy that punched the truck driver at Corso's and then ran and hid from the cops?