Jan 1, 2014

What questions do you want the Mailbag to answer?

Here's your chance to ask a question.

With the new year starting today, we here at the Register thought it was an excellent time for people to ask questions for future Mailbag installments.

To submit a question, type the question in the comment section below, send an email tomailbag@sanduskyregister.com or write (314 W. Market St./ATTN: Mailbag/Sandusky, OH 44870).

When submitting questions, please make sure to:

• Give your first name and location of where you're from. For example, "Mike from Sandusky" or "June on Wayne Street" works.

• Make your questions as specific as possible.

• Keep the questions local. We can try to provide answers pertaining to area agencies, businesses, governments, crime, car crashes and other news happening in our coverage area.

Thanks and have a happy 2014.

— Register staff

The Mailbag is a daily feature on sanduskyregister.com. Each weekday at noon, we will post one question from a reader and answer it. To ask a question, send a letter to The Mailbag at 314 W. Market St., or email mailbag@sanduskyregister.com. Please include your first name and a location in the email, e.g. “John from Decatur Street."


From the Grave

Why did they decide on SIX feet under~it's a lot of work...

looking around

What happened to that guy that attacked the truck driver at Corso's and then ran and hid from the cops?