Dec 31, 2013

Why don't we have "exercise parks" here?

I just want to know can we get a exercise park with pull up bars, dip station, sit up boards, obstacle trails, etc? Darien via Facebook

To the best of our knowledge, there are no "exercise parks" or any outdoor public facilities boasting this specific equipment you mentioned.

But you can exercise, and possibly improvise, at one of the area's many parks, including Lions Park, Fabens Park, a new track at Perkins High School and many other attractions.

Feel free to comment below where you like to exercise.

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The Bizness

There is a great modern version of this down in Pompano Beach, Fla. Very compact, yet practical and usable. It is a lot different than the exercise parks of the past.

However, this area isn't exactly full of healthy individuals, when I am out running I see the same 3-4 people walking or running every day. Even during the summer, the sidewalks are fairly empty. Get out and move people!


people would just destroy it..


Isn't the course still set-up on the perimeter of Osburn Park along the running path? Or did they remove those items?

Simple Enough II

Join the Marine Corps and enjoy being paid to do that and in many cases exotic lands and remote "totally natural" settings!


Vermilion's Sherod Park has one: it's called a Par Course Fit Center trail. You can see stations of the trail from Rt 6.

Ben Crazy

We can just add it to the Deficit we already have! In light of the unemployment numbers dropping drastically last weekend, Awsome idea!

County Resident

There are some of those items on the walking trail at the Erie Co. Bd. Developmental Disabilities thanks to Josh, an Eagle Scout candidate. it was his Eagle project and he did an excellent job. 4405 Galloway Rd.


Run anywhere, do pull-ups on trees, dips on park benches, sit-ups on the ground. Go rent Rocky (the original) and see how to exercise without excercise equipment!



Mr. D

You can build one. . . Design it with everything you mentioned and more. Then you can charge people a modest fee to use it.

T. A. Schwanger


Woodhaven Michigan along Interstate 75 has a park with steel exercise station (17 total) along the parks trail.

I have provided photos to the City of Sandusky's Recreation Board for possible equipment replication at Lion's Park for phase three--- if there is a phase three.


Wow, after a string of dumb questions comes this "cracker jack reporting" in offering answers. from the award winning SR.

Dear Mail Bag,
Please do a little research. There is a Par Course around the Perkins athletic fields and another one in Osborn Park. You can see the many of the stations on the Osborn Park course from Perkins Avenue without leaving your car.

The Bizness

Yep! Sherod park in vermilion has one too.