Dec 30, 2013

Will Perkins Twp. get a new website?

I'm wondering if the township will get a new website. Sometime I like to view the meeting minutes, but they're not always available. Do you know what's going on? Mark in Perkins

Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar, who oversees the township's website provided the following answer:

We currently have our website hosted through Pabodie Design Studios in Huron. We pay $556.80 as a yearly maintenance fee. We all wanted a fresh look to our website as it seemed kind of dry.  In our staff meetings, we also discussed having someone upload information to the site so that it looked good and was in the right spot.

Pabodie was asked for a quote to "freshen" up our website and they stated that they could re-design it basically from scratch for a fee of $5,940.  They also stated that they could provide continued maintenance and edits as needed at $75.00 per hour.  There was also an option to pre-purchase hours which would have saved us some money.

I researched two other vendors to find out if we could get a better deal.  One company stated they could help but never sent a quote.  The other was Mike Regan with Sterling PCMS.

Mike currently is the township's IT provider and he also hosts and builds websites.  Sterling PCMS does Koch Doors and Windows, Milan Manor, Poulus and Schmid, and Huron County SWMD, to name a few.  Regan's quote was $55 per hour to build the website, capped at 12 hours max.  This would be a maximum cost for the township at $660 to build the site versus the $5,940 from our current provider.

Sterling PCMS can also assist us with ongoing maintenance and they also prefer to be the ones who upload the information to the site so that it is in the right place, correct font, etc.  They will do this at a flat rate of $500 per year.  We would continue to pay, roughly $15 per year for domain names.

All in all, Sterling PCMS will give us the "fresh" look that we want for our site, provide us with support and someone to continue to keep the information current, and save the township money in the long run.  Employees will still need to send information to them to have posted, but they will handle the rest.

I do not know when the new website is going to launch.  It is being built currently.  I have seen a few examples of some graphic choices which will eventually be shown to all department heads to decide on.

Some of the new features will be a more user friendly site first and foremost.  There is some redundancy in the tabs on our current site and we will be working to clean it up.  There will also be an addition of some features that will help people who are visiting, or new to the area find thing to do and places of interest.

When you navigate through our current site, the look stays the same.  With the new site, when you click on the "police" page, it will have our patch and a significant color change.  It will personalize each page and give it a new feel for the user.

These are some of the things that we have talked about and we have given Mr. Regan the thumbs up to use his best judgment and we will make the final decision once the near-finished project is presented.

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Save your money and go to These companies that charge people an arm and a leg are soon to be a thing of the past.

The Bizness

That is a good idea, have someone that does clerical work manage the website. Cost you $8 a month. You may lose some functionality is some places, but you also get a website that is easily readable on mobile devices.

SamAdams and sites like them only SEEM like a good deal. They're templates (which means your site looks just like a bunch of others). They're rudimentary (which means you can't do half of what you want to do). And even though they're "idiot proof," there are still a lot of things that the average guy doesn't know which can come back to bite him. (Yes, I looked into them. Fortunately, I looked into them BEFORE I just signed us up and started in!)

It always irritates me when people think they can build a web site (or a book shelf or install a sink). Can they build something functional? Probably. Will they pay for it on the other end? Oh, yes, they will! Funny how the cheap (or free) stuff ends up costing so much, not least of which is it LOOKS like you built it yourself!

If you're interested in amateur hour, go buy a particle-board shelf kit at Wal Mart or set yourself up on Facebook. You get what you pay for...

Stop It

Amen, Samantha...