Dec 27, 2013

Did work at the Rieger suddenly stop?

I haven't see people working at the Rieger during the past few days. Did something happened? Various phone calls into newsroom

Buckeye Community Hope Foundation president Steve Boone provided the following response. Buckeye is the agency helping to secure $8 million in tax credits to transform the former Rieger Hotel property in senior apartments.

To the best of my knowledge, no on has left the Douglas Co. (the construction company doing the work Buckeye contracted with). I would image, that like a lot of companies this week, several employees are enjoying the holiday with family.

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The Bizness

This question made me laugh, my own imagination made me think of the answer instantly.


It did seem like work totally stopped last Wednesday. Wonder why? Huh........

Raoul Duke

They couldn't wait to get the old sign down...


These old buildings never pay off and always cause more money to be wasted in the long run. It is a big risk to take on old buildings to remodel. Let's hope they don't walk away from it.