Dec 24, 2013

Where are the area's best Xmas lights displays?

I would like to take a ride about the area and look at the various homes with outstanding Christmas light displays. Do you know where I could find them? Jimbo in Norwalk.

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Adrianne Quillen Wedgwood in Norwalk;) that house is beautiful!
Dion McNutt Sr. In front of your tv. You tube. Lol
Jenn James Lawrence The street off of Cleveland Road in between TGI Fridays and Pipe Street..the whole street looks amazing every year
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Catharine Gagnon Dobyns I would love to see what the pirate porch over near Meigs and Madison (never did get the exact address, always just happened to drive by) looks like for Christmas... I like two hours away now, so I can't just stop by for a peak...
Linda Propst Stookey's on Brogart rd. ,Maple ave. Off of Bogart rd. ,skateworld ,Sawmill creek and the house on Sycamore across from the old firestation ,Baker ave. to name a few .if you want to drive the lights at the Columbus zoo are awesome !
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Tim Stang Bauer avenue
Jenna Stokes Bauer Ave. Wish they would have done that when I lived there!
Brad Lococo OUTSIDE 
Candice Allyse Winter Wonderland @ Sandusky Cnty Fairgrounds
Katie Ross Michael Young's house on Sycamore Line!!
Amy Riedy Where is Bauer ave?
Joey Likes Hancock and reese
Jenna Stokes Across the Cleveland rd from south shore inn... Just east of cp entrance.
Colleen Preston LOL Sandusky Register
I would say Sawmill Creek
Sue Pereira Schaefer Maple ave castalia
Craig Cusano My house corner of Darrow and Barnes rd....see them @ cmac0674 on YouTube
Brendan Kelley My house on sycamore line
Eric Hoffman Every full moon! Lol
Eric Hoffman Sawmill or Cleveland road they are good!
Jody Hart Cusano Corner of Darrow and Barns in Vermilion!!! Check out cmac0674 for video......
Jody Hart Cusano Check out on you tube
Sheri Budd Bar North Bistro 
Annette Ewers Fresch Williams My home on Bogart Rd 
Becky Yarber Boswell There is a house on south Norwalk rd in norwalk.. the guy makes his own stuff.. it is soo amazing.. my kids love going by there.. ppl pull over to see everything.. he does it every yr.. love it:)
Jacquelynn Burkhart I like the the 3rd and 4th house on carr plus the park area they lite where they took the house down next to those houses
Andy Dietrich On Birchwood Dr. The house with the skiing santa clause and the boat in the front yard. No one else has anything that original.


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