Dec 25, 2013

Why haven't my leaves been picked up?

The city of Sandusky was scheduled to pick up leaves in my zone on Dec 5-6 and Dec 9-11. They never showed for any of those dates and my street is still lined with leaves. Are they planning on picking up the leaves? Sara on Wayne Street

Sandusky city commission clerk Kelly Kresser provided the following response:

The last I knew we were still four to five days behind, but this may have changed with the recent snow events."

Click here to view original leaf pickup times and rules.

City crews should make an additional run through all zones Thursday, Friday and Monday.

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If they don't pick up the leaves soon, they will be causing sewer problems and flooding and then we have a bigger problem to deal with.

T. A. Schwanger


Already has caused big problems. All around town the City had "high water signs" many instances caused by leaf clogging sewers.

Capt. Ford

Here is an idea, if your street is backing up from leaf clogged drains, maybe clear them.


But that's not their job!


If I was making that BIG UNION SALARY like the people who's job it is to clean it up, I would!


Get a life what you really need to do is get upper management to give back some of their wages that are overpaid for this city


we have this issue on our street every year. The city also decided to pile up the recent snow at the end of the cul de sac leaving the only drain on our street to be completely covered. Fortunately, the gentleman on our street, who's basement had previously flooded from city neglect, called and threatened to sue the city if they didn't clean it all up. Problem solved!


Sue sue sue.......makes the world go round


They have done a HORRIBLE job with leaves once again this year!! But, I'm sure there are way too many top dogs to pay leaving no money to pay an actual WORKER to do the jobs! Sandusky is getting AWFUL about EVERYTHING~makes you wonder why we pay taxes! They finally picked up my leave but left alot laying on my lawn~couldn't figure that out when they can just suck up the whole pile


I may be wrong but doesn't Perkins do it with one man and a truck?


Cleaning off the sewer grates to prevent EASILY preventable flooding in residences is yet another one of those jobs we should be assigning to those convicted of certain crimes. The City's manpower may or may not be up to it on its own; there are no special skills required to pick up wet leaves, trash, etc.; it wouldn't cost the City more of its scarce funds; and there's no reason whatsoever that men and women who drain and damage society get to sit in a warm jail cell while the rest of us shovel, clean, etc. in the cold and wet!

dorothy gale

Excellent suggestion.


When are we going to get tired of overpaying upper management in Sandusky… this city is too small to make them kind of wages

Julie R.

Why does Sandusky and Perkins have people rake their leaves to the street? Seems to me that would be a real waste of time. Doesn't the wind blow them right back into their yards and/or the yards of others when they aren't picked up right away? In Huron, leaves must either be in lawn & leaf bags or in a container marked "leaves" and they get picked up every Monday from October until the last Monday in December. This works in Huron and may I add that Huron has done a super job this year on leaf pick-up.


Good idea Julie R. If I'm not mistake, Sandusky used this method several years ago. I'm not sure why they got away from it.


Because it hurt someone's feelings. It's demeaning to do chain gang work. Cruel and unusual punishment.

Stop It

Do it yourself..It takes a few minutes. WTF? Isn't it better than your street and basement flooding? The grates are easy as hell to pull off and and get the debris out as well. Mowing your lawn or shoveling your sidewalk take MUCH more time. Cities are hurting for cash and you don't want to pay the tax?

Get real.


The city would like a raise in taxes only to pay out in employee raises and more service will be cut.