Dec 23, 2013

Where are OVH's Xmas lights?

Why isn't the Ohio Veterans Home decorated with Christmas lights this year? Lisa in Milan

Ohio Veterans Home spokesman Mike McKinney provided the following response:

For several years, the Ohio Veterans Home worked with volunteers from the Sandusky community to decorate the facility for the holidays.

However, this has been scaled back in the last few years due to the many commitments of local volunteers during the holiday season.

This year, we have decorated the central courtyard, so that residents can sit inside in our Peacock Lounge and view the display without having to brave the weather. We have also decorated extensively within the facility itself.

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Thats good that they do whatever they can for the residents as well as workers that are out there . The is the least we can do for all they have done for us . Just a reminder that if it werent for the residents as well as workers didnt do what they had to do , who knows , We might not be the free country that we are .THANKS

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............ain't nobody got time for that...................


You sure some atheist didn't complain?