Dec 20, 2013

Why are patients transported from Firelands when they suffer serious injuries?

With all of the services that Firelands Regional Medical Center offers, why do we read in accident reports where folks are transported there and seems like they are then transferred to Toledo or Cleveland hospitals afterwards? Rod in Huron
Firelands Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Leslie Mesenburg provided the following response:
Firelands Regional Medical Center is a verified Level III Trauma Center. As a verified Level III Trauma Center, Firelands can provide prompt assessment, resuscitation, emergency operations and stabilization of the trauma patient and can provide care throughout recovery for the majority of trauma patients.

However, there are times when trauma patients are transferred out of the community. Approximately 17 percent of trauma patients are actually transferred from Firelands to a larger trauma center.

Trauma transfers may occur for various reasons. Severity of injury is only one of those reasons. When determining where the patient would best be served other factors are taken into consideration such as:

• Mechanism of injury (how the injury occurred).

• Complicating factors such as a prolonged extrication time (how long it took to remove the individual from the scene).

• Chemical exposure.

• The city of residence for patients who may need follow-up care and family participation.

The treating physician makes the decision based on their evaluation of the patient and the surrounding circumstances, including the observations of first responders at the scene.


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KD, I think whatthe should visit your house when he has the gas issue- its the only logical response to your stupid post.


^^pot meet kettle^^


Whatthe- alright alright! Just having a little fun. Enjoy the dialog too... Have a good one today.


Rod in Huron, you live in a small town, with a small town hospital. There are times when a small town hospital won't do. It's that simple.
There are injuries and problems that require the attention of specialists who are stars in their chosen field, whose services would not be required often enough for them to make a living in a small town.


It's not that great of a hospital.. People are misdiagnose there all the time end up going home and dying, or wait.. being treated for the flu only to drop dead in the exit of the emergency room as they are being discharged. People if you can make it to Toledo or Cleveland I would highly recommend it !!!!!!


Took my husband there with chest pains. He was sent home where he had a heart attack. He had to have by pass surgery but it sure wasn't done at Firelands. God help you if you ever get that woman doctor in the ER.


Because no matter how they try to copy the big great hospitals ie: Cleveland Clinic, UH, they SUCK.


There are plenty of fine doctors there, but not for major trauma. There's just not enough work in Sandusky for trauma specialists - not enough people get shot, although if the city government keeps catering to the same element, perpetuating certain trends, that may change.


bad experience at Firelands, after writing down that I have a terrible reaction to demerol, [disorientated, nauseous , vomiting, headache, dizzy] After being reassured by the surgical nurse that I would not be given it, back in my room ,guess what, Demerol ,in my disoriented state I tried to tell my nurse , instead I was rushed down for tests to see if I was having a stroke, no apologies, just excuses. Don't they communicate with each other over there. Also a nurse inserted my I.V. without gloves or alcohol swabbing. RUN